Due to the hot and rainy weather, Dengue fever is spreading with the corona epidemic. Earlier this week, six Dengue patients were admitted to the hospital in 24 hours. As per the Government report, 97 people have been infected with Dengue so far in the new year. In such an extreme crisis, it is important to be alert for the well-being of yourself and your family.

How to identify Dengue fever

From day one there is a severe headache with high fever, pain in the back of the eyes, body aches, and reddening of the skin. Some people also vomit.

In Dengue fever, the level of blood molecules decreases at an alarming rate. This increases the risk of bleeding in the teeth, under the skin, nose, etc. The fever usually lasts for 5-6 days. Once again after a relatively short period of time the fever suddenly takes on a complex shape.

Sometimes fresh blood comes out with coughing, vomiting, thin stools instead of skin rashes or body aches. Various organs are damaged such as kidneys, liver, myocarditis. Complications such as water retention in the chest and abdomen occur. In girls, premature menstruation or bleeding, chest, and abdominal watering, etc. are the symptoms.

The most frightening condition of Dengue fever is Dengue shock syndrome. In this condition, there is difficulty in breathing. In addition to the normal complications of Dengue fever, there is also bleeding in the brain.

How to prevent Dengue

Since the Dengue virus is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, the Aedes mosquito population needs to be eradicated to prevent this infection. Aedes mosquitoes lay eggs in accumulated and clear water. So after 3-5 days in a row, discard stagnant water anywhere including in a home-arranged vase, roof-garden tub, unused container, kitchen sink, bathroom, aquarium, fridge or air conditioner, and an open water tank. This will destroy the Aedes' larvae. Since mosquito eggs may be attached to the pot, clean the pot by rubbing it well.

Although Aedes mosquitoes bite during the day, they can also bite in bright night light. So to avoid mosquito bites, hang a mosquito net and if possible, put a net on the door and window of the house.

Close the doors and windows and keep the camphor burning inside the house. After 20 minutes you will see no mosquitoes at all. If necessary, use mosquito repellent spray, lotion, cream, coil mat.

Basil plays an important role in repelling mosquitoes. In addition, Guppies are used to kill mosquitoes in different countries because they eat mosquito larvae.

Not only the inside but also the bushes around the house, water bodies, flower tubs planted for beautification in the street island, plants, etc. need to be kept clean and tidy. Make sure that water does not accumulate in them due to rain. Spray mosquito repellent around the house at least three days a week.

Treatment of Dengue fever

Drink enough water, wipe the body, rest, and give water to the head rather than being upset. There is no need for any medicine other than Paracetamol to reduce fever. Since dehydration occurs in fever, drink water and liquid foods, such as fruit juice, soft drinks, etc. If the fever takes on a complex shape from day one, seek medical attention immediately.

Many people have misconceptions about some things.

- The patient needs to donate blood only when he has Dengue fever.

- As soon as Dengue occurs, you have to take it to the hospital and give intravenous saline.

In fact, if the platelets in the blood are low, then platelets have to be given on an emergency basis. And if a patient is not able to drink the water due to repeated vomiting, then saline should be given intravenously.

In a nutshell

Proper knowledge and awareness are needed first for different types of infections including Dengue fever. Follow the doctor's advice calmly without making any hasty decisions. Moreover, prevention on a large scale will keep you and your family free from any emergency.

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