Interviewed by Wafiur Rahman

Rafal Strent’s arrival solidifies vibrant Bangladeshi art scene

  It is the testament of a strong economy which is evident through a country’s fledgling art culture. Similarly, for Bangladesh, its booming art culture has drawn the attention of

Interviewed by Mishel Ali Khan Transcribed by Wafiur Rahman

A torchbearer of the advertising industry

  When Bangladesh advertising industry was feeling more than contented with the obsolescent formulas of advertising, Syed Gousul Alam Shaon was the only one to envision the change. He took

AKM Moinuddin, back from Beijing

Anandi’s quest for Bangla

  One may hardly find a Bangla-speaking person in China, the world’s most populous country. But you will surely get surprised once you visit the China Radio International’s (CRI’s) headquarters

Rafiqul Islam

Minister helpless in face of unchecked water pollution

  The treatment of highly polluted water of the major rivers around the Dhaka city is beyond traditional approach, which may may be unsustainable and lead the capital to an

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Jean-Marc Ayrault

Honouring the brave: Bangladeshi civil society member among the awardees

  This week, France and Germany will be honouring brave women and men who are fighting for the rights of others throughout the world.   Maria da Penha from Brazil


International Art Camp at KEPZ

  An international art camp from December 5-7 was held at KEPZ as part of the 17th Asian Art Biennale

Call for pvt sector to step up and save Sundarban’s tigers

  Experts at a recent USAID-organised dialogue stressed the need for engaging the private sector in the conservation of tigers

The quest for sustainable development through equitable and quality education

  Our planet ‘Earth’ is in a dire state. Natural resources have been overexploited. A significant loss of biodiversity is

Roohani sisters perform in city

  Indira Gandhi Culture Centre organised an evening of Sufi music by ICCR troupe led by the Roohani Sisters from

Remembering a true polymath

  Abdur Razzaque (1914-1999), educationist, educator and intellectual, was born in 1914 in Nawabganj. He played an important, even leading,

Nitun Kundu’s 81st birthday observed

  Late artist Nitun Kundu was a widely respected cultural figure, entrepreneur and hero of the Liberation War, and for

10-day festival featuring new plays begins

  A ten-day international theatre festival featuring new productions by local and foreign troupes began on December 1 at the

Demonetisation is not the way to tackle corruption

  The Indian government’s decision on 8 November to dismiss the use of the two largest denomination currency notes overnight

Enduring bonds of friendship

  The relationship between Bangladesh and Norway has always been one of friendship and good relations. Norway and Bangladesh work

Gallery Cosmos holds international group art exhibition

  A month-long international group art exhibition began at Gallery Cosmos in the city on Sunday.   French Ambassador to
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