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Shakoor gets Life Time Achievement Award of BYPAC


Prominent artist Professor Abdus Shakoor Shah has recently been honored with Life Time Achievement Award in 24th Berger Young Painters' Art Competition (BYPAC), 2019. The award ceremony was held at the La Vita Hall of Lakeshore Hotel.

Artist Abdus Shakoor Shah is widely recognized for his folk motifs and ballads. His present work breaks new ground in its technical and material aspects. The works seem more time consuming and technically phenomenal than ever before.

Since 1996, Shakoor has been working over a large span of time on folk motifs. The ballads of "Mymensingh Geetika" -- the famous Mahua and Malua love stories, "Nakshi Kanthar Maath", "Gazir Pat" and "Manasha Pat" are recurring themes in his works. Shakoor uses animal figures such as elephants, bulls, dogs, cats, tigers, parrots, peacocks, birds and serpents -- all as pleasant and decorative motifs.

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  • Shakoor gets Life Time Achievement Award of BYPAC

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