Dhaka’s sky lit up with Shakrain kites, lights, fireworks

Shakrain – a celebration of kites and lights – is one of the oldest festivals of Bangladesh. It starts with kite flying and ends with unity and friendship.

The festival is an annual celebration in Dhaka which marks the end of the ninth month of Bengali calendar – Poush. The day is also known as Poush Sankranti and Shakrain or Ghuri Utshob.

Shakrain is celebrated mostly in the southern part of Dhaka city where colourful kites fill the sky.

Thousands of people get on their rooftops to sing, dance and fly kites of different colours and shapes. They also have kite fights with their neighbours.

And when the winter sun starts setting, parties and fireworks take over the festivities. Music awakens the whole town and flamboyant groups arrange daylong programmes, including concerts and parties.

Flame-eaters and fire-spinners gather on rooftops to entertain people with their skills.

A UNB Photojournalist captured the colours and lights of Shakrain at Old Dhaka on January 14, 2021.

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