Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of climate change will undertake an official visit to Bangladesh from September 4-15.

Ian Fry, also an international environmental law and policy expert, will be visiting Bangladesh at the invitation of the government of Bangladesh.

During the visit, the Special Rapporteur will study and identify how the adverse impact of climate change affects the human rights of communities in vulnerable situations including climate change-induced displacement.

Furthermore, he plans to identify good practices, strategies and policies implemented by the Government in building resilience to the adverse impact of climate change on the full and effective enjoyment of human rights.

In order to prepare for the visit, the Special Rapporteur has sought input from civil society, human rights organizations and other interested stakeholders by July 27.

He primarily remains focused on mitigation policies and loss and damage associated with the Paris Agreement, Kyoto Protocol and related instruments.

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