Popular band Renaissance would be returning to its listeners after nearly three decades. This has been announced with the revelation of a new album from the band. This would be the fifth album from the band. Lyrics and composition of the songs has already finished. Now recording is going on at Bappa Mazumder's recording studio, BMJ Workstation. Nakeeb Khan singer and founder of the band has made the revelation. He is the very one who founded the band in 1985 after leaving another popular band- Souls.

It has been learnt that the band has under its belt a good number of musical compositions. They are planning to release them periodically. They could not release album for fourteen years due to professional engagements elsewhere.

The band's last album Ekush Shatak-E Renaissance was released in 2004. Their self-titled first album came out in 1988. Other albums from the band are "Tritiyo Biswa", "Ekattor-E Renaissance."

The current lineup includes six members. Alongside Nakeeb Khan are Pilu Khan, Imran Rahman, Karthik, Reza Rahman and Kazi Hablu. n

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