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British High Commissioner buys tickets for foreigners

British High Commissioner Alison Blake with officials of Asiatic Society Heritage Museum. Photo: Courtesy

British High Commissioner Alison Blake has visited the newly established Asiatic Society Heritage Museum at Nimtali, Old Dhaka. Alison Blake who is also an anthropologist was received by Dr Sabbir Ahmed, general secretary of Asiatic Society Bangladesh; secretary Abdur Rahim; museologist Firoz Mahmud and curator of the museum Jahangir Hussain on her arrival to the museum at 10.30am on January 11. She inspected all the five galleries, diorama, museum library, digital projections, touchscreen presentation attentively with Jahangir Husain and Firoz Mahmud as guides. Becoming fascinated by the artifacts and items present at the museum she bought ten tickets for her foreigner friends to visit the museum.

During her visit, she was gifted with a number of publications from the museum. The publications are-Naib Nazims of Dhaka and the Nimtali Palace, Conservation of Nimtali Deuri-A Historical and an Architectural Study, an album on the museum and Dhaka and a historical book on Bangladesh from Asiatic Society along with a crest. The High Commissioner thanked authorities for conserving and transforming the decaying Nimtali Palace into a museum and for representing it resourcefully.

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  • British High Commissioner buys tickets for foreigners

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