Today adults mostly spend several hours every day writing posts, uploading photos/videos, sending comments/messages, or checking notifications on Facebook. According to research, excessive use of Facebook is wasting our precious time, mental peace and physical health. However, in this situation it would certainly be a windfall, if you can utilize Facebook to fatten your wallet. Yes we are talking about how to earn money from Facebook. Pioneering the realm of social media platforms with more than two billion users worldwide, Facebook has more to offer beyond social networking. Facebook can be a stable source of income if you can follow the right strategies. Stay with us to learn some effective ways to make money with Facebook.

How to Create Earning Potential from Facebook

You can't expect to start earning from Facebook overnight. If you want to earn a handsome amount from Facebook, you have to work in a planned way. Before you expect earning, you have to create earning potential. Let's see how to prepare you for monetization from Facebook.

Find Your Niche

The first step to earn from Facebook is to define your niche. Your niche can be your passion or skill like writing, graphic designing, or any kind of local business, like boutiques, Home Food Delivery, etc. When you are definitely confident about what niche you have potential in, learn the relevant skills/techniques/strategies to nail it down.

Facebook Page/Group

After defining your niche, create an attractive Facebook Fan Page and/or group for your niche/business. Facebook fan page can be the right place where people - who share interest in your niche - can get the opportunity to know you. The motto of creating Facebook Page/group is to build communication with your target audience.

Build Your Audience

After opening Facebook Page and/or Group, you need to connect with like-minded people who have interest in your niche. You can attract followers to your Facebook Page and group through utilizing different Facebook features like publishing quality Facebook posts, notes, live videos, setting events, etc.

However, Facebook has billions of users. So, people will not pay attention to your Page/Group, if you are 'nobody'. So, you need to develop a trustworthy persona/authority. Certainly, it will take patience, and effort.

Be an Influencer

If you want to build your audience like a 'Pro' and want the audiences to listen to your voice, try to develop yourself as an 'influencer'. The term 'Facebook Influencer' refers to an individual who has substantial amount of followers in a specific niche. The influencers can utilize their knowledge, skill, position, etc. to build relation with their audiences which is based upon trust, and respect. An influencer can be a celebrity, industry leader/expert, blogger, content creator, etc. The number of followers may range from thousands to millions depending on type of niche.

Learn a Skill

If you don't have a local business, and still you want to earn from home with Facebook, then you must have skill in a specific niche like graphic design, photography, content writing, programming, etc. Having a Skill will make it easy for you to create quality content which will attract like-minded people to your Facebook Fan page or group. In other words, you can be an influencer by helping other people through sharing your experiences regarding your skill. For instance, if you have expertise in photography, you can share tips and techniques about how to capture great photos.

How to Earn Money from Facebook

When you know your niche, and have built an audience in your Facebook Fan Page/group through organic way or paid campaign, you are ready to earn money from Facebook. Let's focus on some methods to earn from Facebook.

Selling Products/Services/Skill through Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to run an online business. You can also sell products through Facebook page, even if you have physical stores. Facebook page can also be a great platform to sell skills and services. And, if you have any expertise in a certain niche, you can sell that skill through Facebook.

You can sell products through your own Facebook Fan Page or group, when it has a good number of followers/members who trust you. Besides promoting sales through own Facebook Fan Page, you can sell your products, skills and services through different 'Facebook Buy Sell' groups. There are numerous groups in Facebook for buying and selling products from multiple sellers. Some groups may charge a nominal registration fee to allow your post.

Affiliate Marketing in Facebook

If you work as an affiliate marketer, you can utilize Facebook to earn affiliate commissions. Now how does it work? Many reputed Brands and ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. allows their affiliate associates to share product links on social media platforms like Facebook. If any a Facebook user clicks on your posted affiliate link and buys that product, you will earn an affiliate commission. The rate of commission varies depending on type, category and price range of that specific product.

Influencer Marketing in Facebook

The ultimate goal of an Influencer is to build authority. Using this authority an influencer can impact upon the followers' minds, especially their purchase decision. Many brands are engaging Facebook influencers to promote their products and services to Facebook users. As an influencer, you can deliver sponsored contents (posts or live videos) through you Facebook Fan Page/ group. Besides these, influencers can sell their own products, services and skills through Facebook.

Running Paid Facebook Campaigns

If you own a small-scale business, you can advertise your products/services through Facebook ads to get sales and earn money. Facebook purchasing funnel is a consumer focused marketing model which involves journey of potential consumers towards product/services. But does it really work?

When you post content on Facebook, the system will encourage you to run paid Facebook campaign, which is termed as 'Boosting'. You can invest some money in Facebook paid advertisements (Boosting), to promote your Facebook page or post to reach more people in limited time.

While creating Facebook advertisements you can choose your target population based on several parameters like geographic location, age group, sex, etc., which will divert targeted audience towards your Facebook Sales funnel. Thus, Facebook ads can be a great way to make money through sales funnel.

Work as a Facebook Marketer

You can boost your own Facebook Post, Facebook Fan Page, or Facebook Group, to engage with a wider audience and promote your product/service. You can also work as a 'Facebook Marketing Professional' who sells services of creating and posting Facebook advertisement campaigns for other people's businesses. Facebook marketers can offer digital marketing service to corporate and earn good money.

Work as a Social Media Manager

If you are a Pro in managing social media, you can take it as a profession (called 'Social Media Manager') and get paid. The responsibility of a Social Media Manager is to manage corporate social media (like Facebook) accounts that include post scheduling, building audience, monitoring campaign success, creating graphics, etc. Many brands and companies hire professional Social Media Manager to carry out brand promotion and product sale through diverse social media platforms including Facebook.

Invest in Facebook

You may know that Facebook is indexed on the Nasdaq Composite as a publicly traded company. Like any other stock market investment, you can buy Facebook's stock share 'FB' and earn profit. However, the FB stock price can fluctuate every day, so it is recommended to invest wisely.


So far we have highlighted on the best ways to make stable income from Facebook. Besides these, there are some other opportunities to earn some extra cash using Facebook platform. For instance, many Companies and Brands offer 'Give Away' or contest for sharing their post to other Facebook Pages or Groups. You can invest some time to participate in those contests. If you win, you can earn gifts, Gift Cards, or cash.

What is more? Any Facebook Fan Page or group holding a good number of followers, can be considered as a sellable product. So, you can make some extra bucks selling Facebook Page/group. Some people sell 'Facebook likes', though it is not considered as a prestigious profession. Besides these, you canyou're your Facebook account/fan page for personal branding and searching jobs.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is a continuously upgrading social media platform, which has no geographical boundary. Facebook is offering bunch of prospective features, like creation of Facebook Page, Facebook Group, running Facebook ads, etc. You can utilize these features and tools to reach more audience, sell products/services and earn money. However, to make money from Facebook in a stable way, don't treat your fans/followers life a commodity; rather serve them like a friend, mentor and helping hand. And remember that you can't sell certain kind of items through Facebook, like Tobacco, Alcohol, Certain types of healthcare products, illicit drugs, Weapons, Firearms, Real money gambling products, Wild Animals, etc. On the whole, Facebook can be a goldmine for you, if you can work strategically with patience and skill. Happy Facebooking!

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