Today marks a significant milestone for Dhaka University (DU) as the new metro rail station near the Teacher and Student Centre (TSC) opened to students and other commuters. The metro rail reached the TSC station at 7:45 am from Motijheel, greeted by eager Dhaka University students ready to embark on their first journey.

DU student Tabassum shared her excitement, noting the significance of Dhaka University and the metro rail as symbols of progress. "Dhaka University holds a special place in our hearts, and the metro rail is a new beacon of development in Bangladesh's public transport sector. Today, I'm thrilled to experience this dream journey from my own university. I even left my hall early to catch the first train from TSC," said Tabassum.

Shahriar Iqbal, another student, expressed his enthusiasm for the convenience the metro rail brings. "Riding the metro rail for the first time feels great. Now, I won't miss my 8 am classes and can avoid the hassles of traffic on the road. The TSC metro rail station is a blessing for students commuting from distant areas," he stated.

Sifat Rahman, a non-resident student who travels from Uttara, highlighted the need for affordable fares for students. "The current metro rail fares might be challenging for many students. I hope the university and metro rail authorities can work together to implement reduced fares for us. The metro rail is a game-changer, especially for those coming from Mirpur and Uttara. What used to be hours in traffic is now a mere 20-minute journey from Mirpur and less than 30 minutes from Uttara," he emphasized.

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