Can you remember the last time when you spent some quality time with your family in a natural environment? Investing long hours at work without taking vacation makes life monotonous. However, it is not feasible always to spend long vacations in the countryside or overseas locations due to various restrictions imposed on us by jobs or school (children's usually) or budget, etc. As a solution to this issue, several standard resorts have evolved around Dhaka. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best resorts near Dhaka for a day out or spending a weekend with family, kids and friends.

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo

It is certainly a blessing if you can enjoy traditional cuisines while spending a whole day close to nature. To have this unique experience, you can visit Jol O Jongoler Kabbo resort located at Pubail in Tongi under Gazipur. This resort is also popular as 'Pilot Bari'.

Without altering the local natural environment, the Jol O Jongoler Kabbo resort was built over a huge area of 90 bighas. Here the shelters and rooms are built with natural elements like bamboo and jute sticks. Kids would enjoy running and playing in this vast place under the open sky. You would really love spending hours beside vast pond with a fish-hook in a rural atmosphere. In the moonlit nights, this fantastic resort can give you some unforgettable solitary moments.

What is the specialty of Jol O Jongoler Kabbo? Unlike other resorts, Jol O Jongoler Kabbo delights their guests with traditional Bengali cuisines and winter cakes (pithas). They have special menus for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. Spending a day out or weekend in Jol O Jongoler Kabbo resort, you can introduce your city kid with the delicacies of rural Bangladesh.

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo Resort offers Day out Package. The cost of breakfast and lunch for adult person is 2000 BDT. For children/ Driver or Personal Assistant this cost is 1000 BDT per head. Jol o Jongoler Kabbo is a nice place near Dhaka to spend vacation for families with kids. As this place remains busy on the weekends, it would be wise to book this resort before reaching there.

How to Reach Jol O Jongoler Kabbo? You can arrive at this place from Mohakahali Bus Station. First, take a bus heading towards Narsingdi or Kaliganj. Get off from the bus at Pubail College Gate. The fare ranges around 80 BDT. Jol O Jongoler Kabbo resort is about 3km away from this point. Here you can hire a local transport like CNG to reach at the resort. You can also get to this resort by own transport or rented car/microbus.

Nokkhotrobari Resort

To spend your weekend in a peaceful natural environment far away from the humdrum of busy urban life, you can visit Nokkhotrobari resort. It is a dream project of popular media couple Toukir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat. This resort is built over 25 bighas of land at Rajendropur in Gazipur.

Nokkhotrobari resort presents a wonderful combination of natural environment with manmade entertainment facilities. Here you would find natural pond, artificial fountain, conference hall, swimming pool, restaurant, one residential hall and 11 air-conditioned cottages built with wood, bamboo and other traditional materials.

Nokkhotrobari resort has diverse exciting facilities like shooting spot, library, Movie Theatre, children playground, boat ridding, fishing, pool side party, musical party, barbecue party, etc. What is more? The Nokkhotrobari resort authority often arranges for musical night for entertaining their guests and visitor. You can spend a nice time here with your friends and buddies.

For night stay Nokkhotrobari resort offers three types of residential facilities, including Hotel Complex, Water Bungalow and Family bungalow. The room fares range from 6000 BDT to 22000 BDT (excluding Vat and service charge) depending on associated facilities.

Nokkhotrobari resort has Day out Packages. The cost ranges from 2000 BDT to 2500 BDT per person for a group of 10 people at minimum. Under this package you will get breakfast, Lunch and evening snacks. You can choose Chinese, or English or Bengali menu. This package also includes, entry fee, boating, swimming, indoor gaming, refreshment room, etc.

How to Reach Nokkhotrobari resort? For instance, you are going to start the journey from Mohakahali bus station. Now, ride on a bus heading for Rajendropur Cantonment passing through Rajendropur Junction by Mymensing Road. Get off the bus at Rajabari stop, which is about 1.5 km away from Nokkhotrobari Resort. From this place, you can hire a tempo, CNG or local transport to arrive at Bangalpara area under Chinashukhania village. You can also arrive at this resort by your personal or rented car/microbus.

Chuti Resort

Have you been raised in rural Bangladesh? If yes, then you certainly miss starting your day listening the tweeting of birds, or seeing the sunlight play among the branches of trees. To recollect those childhood memories, you can visit Chuti resort near Dhaka. This massive resort is built over 50 bighas of land at Shukundi village under Gazipur. Here you can spend your day out or weekend away from the din and bustle of Dhaka city.

What makes Chuti resort stand out from other resorts is the presentation of a rustic environment backed up with advanced facilities. In the moonlit night, no electrical bulb is lit in the Chuti resort to relish the guests with natural luminosity of full moon. A night stay in this resort, the elements like luminesce of firefly, chirping of crickets, flying bats or calling of foxes will take you back in your village life.

Here you will find traditional bamboo cottage, bird house, fishing arrangement, gardens of flowers, fruits and medicinal plants, two picnic spots, two playgrounds, kids' zone, modern restaurant, swimming pool, two conference rooms, etc. In the breakfast the guests are treated with traditional pithas, Rice Roti, lentil curry, vegetables, chicken curry, seasonal fruits, etc.

Chuti Resort has 21 cottages with and without air-conditioning facilities. The cottage categories include wooden cottage, duplex villa, deluxe twin cottage, premium twin cottage, vayoal cottage, platinum king cottage, premium deluxe villa, executive suit, family cottage, and royal suit. The fare for the cottages ranges from 6000 BDT to 17000 BDT (without service charge and VAT). Hiring a room, you get complimentary breakfast plus access to swimming pool, playground, health club, kid's zone, boating facility, etc.

Chuti Resort has special day out package. This offer is available at 2530 BDT per person for a group of 7 to 8 people at minimum. This package includes breakfast, lunch, traditional Bengali food, air-conditioned room for taking rest, etc.

How to Reach Chuti Resort? If you start the journey from Dhaka, you can get on a public bus or personal transport to reach at Gazipur intersection. The bus will drop you at Rajbari near DC office. Cuti resort is about 3 kilometers away from this point. Here you can hire a CNG to arrive at Amtoli Bazar, which is adjacent to Shukundi village, Chuti Resort.

Sarah Resort

If you want to spend your weekend in a luxurious resort which offers top-notch urban facilities along with solitary natural ambient, go to Sarah resort. This massive resort covers about 200 bighas of area at Rajabari under Gazipur.

Sarah resort has six bungalows, built with modern architectural design and standards. These bungalows have multiple rooms under different size, capacity, and categories. Depending on room standard and facilities the room expense ranges from 10,000 to 70,000 BDT.

'Deluxe Presidential Villa' is the most luxurious facility available in Sarah resort. This world-class villa can accommodate about six people in there King sized Bedrooms. This villa has all the modern amenities like Air Conditioned rooms, high-speed WiFi Internet connection, Coffee Machine, Satellite Television, Complimentary breakfast, laundry facility, Hot and Cold Water, Room Service, etc.

The 'Premium Villa' features traditional designed bungalow, which can give you the real taste of vacation. Besides these, you can also stay in a high rise structure called Raja View Tower enjoying the rustic surrounding from high above the ground. If you love to stay close to water pool, choose the Water Lodge villa. However, if you prefer a rustic natural environment to spend your leisure hours in solitude, stay in the mud house.

Sarah Resort offers a wonderful combination of cheerful environment for both adults and kids. Here you would find Water Lounge, Swimming pool, 9D Movie Theater, VR Games, Mini Bar, Jacuzzi, Gym, Mud House, Kids Zone, Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Kayaking, Boating, Cycling, Mini Zoo, etc.

Sarah Resort also offers Day out Packages for 3000 BDT (Excluding VAT and service charge) per person. This is a nice opportunity to spend the day with family and/or friend in this luxurious resort. This package includes buffet lunch, along with Complimentary facilities like Gym, boat riding, swimming pool, Wifi access, etc.

How to Reach Sarah Resort? You can arrive at Sarah Resort easily starting the journey from Mohakahali. First, get on a bus heading for Rajendropur Cantonment passing through Rajendropur Intersection by Mymensingh Road. The bus will drop you at Rajabari stop. Sarah Resort is about 2 km away from this place. Take a CNG or local transport from Rajabari to reach Sarah resort. You can also arrive at this resort by your personal or rented car/microbus.

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