What if you are a diehard fan of movies, games or books; but can't access those resources from Netflix, YouTube TV, PUBG or Amazon for not having any online payment wallet. Many people living outside US are facing this problem like you. In the present world, there are several countries, where the majority people still lack access to online payment systems. Is there any other solution but requesting a friend or relative who owns a master card/visa card/debit card? Don't worry! Google Play Gift Card is there for you. It can give you access to the world of entertainment.

Some Popular Applications of Google Play Gift Card:

You can use the Google Play Gift Cards for paying online when you buy any product via internet. You can also apply a Google Play Gift Card for online subscription of diverse products and services. Let's see what you can do with the entertainment filled Google Play Gift Cards.

● You Can Subscribe to Netflix

Who can deny the stockpile of endless entertainment owned by Netflix. Signing up Netflix You can enjoy television shows, movies and other contents with superb streaming quality. However, to enter this limitless world of entertainment you need an international Mastercard or Visa or debit card. If you are a proud owner of these online payment options, you can enjoy Netflix for one trial month at free of cost. After completion of one month trial period, Netflix would ask you every single month for paying the coming months charge.

Signing up and paying Netflix bill every month is a real hassle from which Google Play Gift Card can give you relief. It is certainly a boon for the crazy movie lovers who are eagerly looking for a way to pay online securely. Now Google Play Gift Cards available in many countries, you can buy one to pay your Netflix subscription fee without any trouble.

However, you need to remember a few things. First, make sure the Google Play Gift Card is supported in the country where you are currently staying. Therefore, find the Google Gift card which is applicable for your region. Another thing to remember is, for paying the subscription fee; you need to place the bill through Google Play.

● You Can Subscribe to YouTube TV

People from all generations love to watch television in their leisure periods. YouTube TV takes us to the next generation entertainment beyond geographical boundaries. You can use a Google Play Gift Card to pay for YouTube TV. However, don't get frustrated if you can't find the 'Gift Card' option on the list of payment methods in YouTube TV (YTTV).

All you need to do is convert your Google Play Gift card on your YTTV subscription account. Now you can find the 'Google Play Balance' in your YTTV account's payment method setting. Thus, you can easily pay the YTTV subscription fee without using any master card or credit card or debit card. Subscribing to YTTV, you can enjoy diverse resourceful channels on YTTV including CBS, ESPN, CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc.

● You Can Buy Books

In this digital world you don't need to carry the weight of a book which also consumes space in your home. A book can get lost or stolen or be destroyed at fire, but a digital copy will remain forever. Technology allows you to buy, download and read books online with the help of diverse premium reader-friendly apps. If you are an enthusiast of reading online books and looking for new books frequently, you certainly need an online payment method for paying the fees. Google Gift Play Card can serve you in the expedition of buying/subscribing books from online book stores, libraries and websites like Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.

● You Can Buy Premium Apps from Play Store

Nowadays we require diverse apps for education, work or entertainment purpose. Google Play Platform is a breeding ground of thousands of apps which are very handy for students, job holders, programmers, freelancers, etc. Not all of these apps are free. It is a miserable situation, when you desperately wanna buy a specific premium app from the play store, but don't have access to any online payment options like debit card, Visa card or Matercard. In this situation, the Google Play Gift Card can be your savior. You can easily get your desired app at fingertip, when you have a Gift Card.

How to Avoid Google Play Gift Card Scams?

Google Play Gift Cards are used as hot-tickets to pay for diverse online purchase including online subscription fees. However, many people are falling victim to scammers. Now how to understand you are being scammed. And how can you save yourself from being a victim of Gift Card scamming?

If someone asks you to share the code of your Google Play gift card to pay for any product outside Google Play, then that person might be trying to scam you. The scammers may call you pretending to be a government agency. Sometimes, the scammers claim to be a friend or family member or relative in trouble. They may also claim to be the representative of your friend or family member or relative. In order to overcome the situation the scammers might ask you to buy gift cards and share the codes with them. These people can be scammers, never believe them!

To avoid Google Play Gift Card scams don't use your gift card for paying bail money, tax charges, or any other products outside the platform of Google Play. Remember that Google Play Gift Cards were made for purchasing products on the Google Play. And, never share your Google Play Gift Card's back side code.

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