Popular band Chirkutt will be leaving for Australia in October. A facebook post by the band has revealed the news. They will perform in a concert titled "Bangladesh Night" in Sydney on October 13. Another concert scheduled on October 20 in Melbourne will again bring the band before the expatriate Bangladeshi community living there. This will be their first Australian tour.

Six-member team of Chirkutt will leave for Australia next month. They are looking forward to spend a lot of time amidst the Bangladeshi community in Australia. Sumi, lead vocalist of the band has asked everyone to keep her team in their prayers.

The concert titled "Bangladesh Night" has been arranged with a view to support the underprivileged children. CREATO, Listen For and Save the Children Australia have jointly organised the concert for this reason. New-generation band Maqsood O Dhaka will also be performing alongside Chirkutt in this concert.

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