A first-year mass communication student at Dhaka University was allegedly bullied and mentally tortured by a few seniors in the guest room of Bijoy Ekattor Hall on Wednesday night.

Around 10pm, Akhtarul Islam was summoned to the guest room by five-six second-year students. He was first bulled and then made to stare at a bright light for over 10 minutes -- an act that could damage one's eyes.

Akhtarul's alleged ordeal continued till he became unconscious and had to be rushed to Dhaka Medical College and Hospital for treatment. His only fault was that he could not attend the last guest room meeting as "his father was unwell".

The student of the mass communication and journalism department and others who witnessed the alleged mental torture told UNB that the accused were all activists of the Dhaka University Chhatra League.

'They told me to stare at a bulb, and I passed out. When I regained consciousness, I found myself at the hospital," Aktarul said.

An eyewitness bolstered his version. "His seniors forced him to stare at one of the bulbs in the room for 10 minutes and he became unconscious. He was already sick," the eyewitness said, seeking anonymity.

DU authorities said steps would be taken after a probe into the allegations.

Prof Abdul Bashir, provost of Bijoy Ekattor Hall, said, "A probe panel will be formed by Friday to look into the allegations, following which action will be taken."

A Bangladesh Chhatra League member, Abu Yunus said, "Our organisation don't support any such inhuman act. Strict steps will be taken from our side as soon as possible."

The accused could not be contacted.

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