This is an age of information technology. Almost everything in the world is now being managed digitally using the internet. This revolution did not happen overnight. After many sacrifices, scientists have now been able to bring the whole world into the hands of human beings. Bangladesh is also moving forward at a breakneck pace with the digital world. Today's Digital Bangladesh is the product of the subtle and far-sighted thinking of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the great architect of independent Bangladesh. After the victory in the war of liberation, the role of the father of the nation in the socio-economic development of war-torn Bangladesh is immense. He wanted to present a science-minded and digital nation that would keep pace with the rest of the world.

In 1972, the size of the economy of Bangladesh was only 6 billion US dollars. There was no reserve. Wailing like famine all around. Thousands of problems plagued. With limited resources and thousands of problems in mind, the Father of the Nation began work to rebuild Bangladesh. His courageous leadership and clever decision helped Bangladesh turn around. Bangabandhu did not have much time to build Bangladesh as his dream "Golden Bangladesh" but in this short time he planted the seeds of today's "Digital Bangladesh". But unfortunately he could not make his dream come true. But his (Bangabandhu) worthy daughter Hon'ble Prime Minister Deshratna Sheikh Hasina and his grandson Sajeeb Wazed Joy have been able to build today's digital Bangladesh from the seeds they planted. Coming to the centenary of the birth of the father of the nation, today it is true to say that Bangabandhu, you have remained a contemporary for the rest of your life. Bangladesh is moving forward on the path shown by you, holding the hand of your worthy daughter Deshratna Sheikh Hasina. Today, Bangladesh has its own satellite, which is again named after the father of the nation. Digital services have been launched in every part of the country. Unnecessary suffering has dwindled in a greater amount. O Father of the Nation, your time-honored decisions and far-sighted thoughts have elevated the Bengali nation to a noble position in the world court.

Digitization is a broad concept. Where almost every important task of human life can be done with the help of information technology. The path of digital Bangladesh that we are enjoying today started with the hand of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the greatest Bengali of all time, the great architect of independence and the father of the nation. The seeds of digital Bangladesh were planted in his hands. The condition of the war-torn country after independence was very deplorable. Even during this calamity, he kept a cool head and thought about how to move the country forward, especially how to build a science-minded nation. As a result of his visionary thinking and courageous thinking, he first included Bangladesh as a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1973. ITU is primarily responsible for drafting and coordinating international rules regarding the allocation of satellite orbits or frequencies. As a result, the door to create a digital Bangladesh was opened a lot. From then on, the dream journey of building a digital Bangladesh began.

Then on 14 June 1975, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman inaugurated a ground satellite station at Betbunia Union under Kaukhali upazila of Rangamati district which is better known as Betbunia ground satellite center.The center is currently being modernized. All the places associated with the memory of Bangabandhu have been preserved. He has worked till his death to elevate Bangladesh like the high antennas of the center. These antennas, nameplates, speeches and stamps still bear witness to that historic moment of the Father of the Nation, the moment he planted the seeds of today's digital Bangladesh. Set on a 128-acre plain, the country's most important and state-of-the-art technology facility of the last century is connected to artificial satellites, receives foreign signals through powerful antennas and starts telephone data communication, fax and telex exchange with the outside world. From The satellite currently provides data communication, fax and telex with a total of 11 countries including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Oman, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Japan, UAE and India (Mumbai). . Artificial satellites located at an altitude of about 39,500 km or 22,300 miles are used to transmit information through powerful antennas. The free flow of information technology has brought human life in the palm of one's hand. The whole world now relies on digital technology. As a result, information technology has become a tool for development.

The global economy now relies on digital technology. According to the latest survey by Boston Consulting Group, the size of the economies of the G20 countries in 2016 was 4.2 trillion US dollars. Which has been increasing over time as a result of the increasing use of information technology. According to e-Conomoy SEA report 2019 (Google / Temasek and Bain) by Google, Temasek and Bain, the digital economy in South Asia stood at 100 billion and is expected to reach 300 billion by 2025. Thus, it is easy to imagine how fast the digital revolution is happening in the world. Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman realized this reality and took the decisions at that time. In fact, this decision paves the way for the expansion of information technology in our country. The world is now on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution where the most enlightened subjects are artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, drones, nanotechnology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, materials science or quantum computing. The world is on the verge of practical application of these. 5G technology has already been developed with the help of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is being introduced in one or two countries or will be done very recently. At this time, Bangladesh is not backward. "Betbunia Bangabandhu Satellite Ground Station-2" has been set up across 5 acres of the Betbunia Earth Satellite Center inaugurated by Bangabandhu and from here the "Bangabandhu Satellite-1" of the dream of the Father of the Nation with red and green flag has been launched into space. As a result, Bangladesh entered the list of the 57th country to launch its own satellite on 11 May 2016.

The satellite was handed over to Bangladesh on November 9, 2016. Since then, the country's satellite televisions have been broadcasting programs using Bangabandhu Satellite. After the brutal assassination of Bangabandhu and his family, the dream of a digital Bangladesh was shattered.

But, by the infinite grace of God, his worthy daughter Jananetri Sheikh Hasina started working to make his dream a reality after winning the 1996 elections. In 1998-99, he withdrew tariffs and VAT on computers. Breaks the monopoly of mobile business. He also formed a task force to keep the internet system running. At that time, he started working to create a programmer, but it did not last long because the next government canceled it. However, this dream began to take shape after Sheikh Hasina came to power in 2008. That is when, Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina was the first to show the country the dream of digital Bangladesh. He announced Vision-2021 soon after the formation of the government in early 2009. He announced Vision-2041 and Centennial Delta Plan or Delta Plan-2100 to transform development into sustainable development. Where the main premise of Vision 2021 is digital Bangladesh. The birth centenary of the father of the nation is being celebrated in 2021. It is at this time that Bangladesh is beginning to take the form of Bangabandhu's "Sonar Bangla". This is the best gift given by the daughter (Sheikh Hasina) to her father (Sheikh Mujib) on her birth centenary. Today Bangladesh has really gone digital. Everything from government offices to courts is now being done at home without any hassle. I like the touch of information technology in every field of life. Sheikh Russell Digital Lab has been set up in all school colleges to produce skilled manpower, also high tech parks, e-commerce, F-commerce is emphasizing nowadays to make a self-dependent nation. Through the proper use and application of this free information technology, Bangladesh is moving forward at a relentless pace on the highway of development under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. However, Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the grandson of the Father of the Nation and son of Sheikh Hasina, is the one who has worked tirelessly to make the dream of Digital Bangladesh planted by the Father of the Nation a reality. Today we can proudly say 'we are the citizens of digital Bangladesh' as the dream of the father of the nation has come true with the help of his daughter and grandson. All these achievements belong to the father of the nation. The digital revolution started in Bangladesh with his hand.

Needless to say, the father of the nation was a pragmatic policy-maker whose example we still see today. And that is why the father of the nation himself is a history and a legend.

Md Billal Hossen, Student, Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology, Islamic University, Bangladesh, Email:

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