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An Ideal Discovery in Bashundhara


I visit Bashundhara Residential Area quite often, thanks to the classes in North South University and my friends living there. Being a foodie, I always complained my friends about this area not having much decent restaurants where you can peacefully eat and chill with both friends and family. This was possible when there was Kozmo Lounge in the area which is now replaced by Khanas. Even if there are few good places to eat, it is quite challenging to access those due to the rickshaw stand, ‘kaacha bazaar’ and the infinite number of people walking all over the footpath near the Bashundhara R/A entrance.

Now you all can question about the food court in Jamuna Future Park. Honestly I didn’t find it as impressive as that of Bashundhara City or even say for instance Chef’s Table. There are only few decent restaurants/cafés like Tabaq, Poplar and Garlic ‘n’ Ginger in there but sadly, you can’t even get a decent plate of Phuchka in JFP’s food court (readers you can let me know the name of the place if you find any).

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Few friends of mine and I discovered a new place in the South Avenue corner of Bashundhara R/A named Metro Kitchens. It is a two – floored/layered setup over a huge space with around 20 or more restaurants/cafes covering an array of cuisines. I remember during my first visit, I witnessed Lunar Eclipse from there while sipping tea from Paanshala in Metro Kitchens.


There are many food shops there like Pagla Kebab, Smoky Bones, Paanshala, Peking Kitchens, Fire & Chefs, Gorom Thanda, 4Kitchens, Plated and others. I tried Plated and Paanshala and since my first time, I’ve been there numerous times. In addition to this, I loved the food quality of Plated so much that I frequently order from there via Pathao Food.

Plated – A Taste of Myth

I am in love with their Chili Cheese Fries and their Mac ‘n’ Cheese. I tried both these dishes for the first time from Plated along with their Oven Baked Pasta and I must say I was very content with the taste. It is good value for money also and very affordable for students. All three dishes we ordered summed upto BDT 702 only and it’s more than enough for 3 people. They serve different kinds of pizzas also.

Oven Baked Pasta

Overall Metros Kitchen is a nice and happening place to chill with your friends. I would highly recommend everyone to go check the place out.

  • An Ideal Discovery in Bashundhara

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