Rishi Sunak finally took over the role of the prime minister of Britain. He is grabbing headlines all over the globe for making history as Britain's prime minister as the "first person of color".

Rishi, who came to the fore last summer while campaigning for the biggest role of his career, is a son of an Indian immigrant. He is going to replace his short-lived predecessor, Liz Truss, as the prime minister of the country. Liz played the role for less than two months.

Rishi, a 42-year-old politician, is also drawing the attention of many for being a rich man who, as The Times of London reports, has wealth worth more than $800 million. His wife Akshata Murty has a big share in it, though, which made them among the 250 wealthiest British people or families.

The new prime minister of Britain attended the prestigious Stroud School, Winchester College and Oxford. The story of his immigrant parents' sacrifice to send him to prestigious schools is already out. To enroll him in Winchester College, his parents had to spend a lot of money. Currently, a student at Winchester College has to pay £42,000 a year as fees.

Ordinary Britons believe the multimillionaire prime minister Rishi may not be able to relate to their lives for his elite background and wealth.

Rishi's father Yashvir Sunak born in Kenya and his mother Usha Sunak was born in Tanzania. Rishi was born in Southampton to this second-generation Indian Punjabi parents.

His rise to the biggest political position in Britain is regarded as a significant milestone for Britain's Indian diaspora. The New York Times reported that the news of Rishi becoming the prime minister of Britain came as a source of a bonus festival for Hindus in Britain who were already celebrating Diwali which is also known as a celebration of light.

Experts say the biggest challenge that Rishi will face as the new prime minister of Britain is to reunite his fractured party. At the same time, he will have to prove his mettle to bring the country out of the economic devastation that Britain has been going through.

In this first speech as the prime minister of Britain, Rishi said: "Right now our country is facing a profound economic crisis. The aftermath of Covid still lingers. Putin's war in Ukraine has destabilized energy markets and supply chains the world over."

He also said he will place economic stability and confidence at the heart of his government's agenda. "This will mean difficult decisions to come. But you saw me during Covid, doing everything I could, to protect people and businesses, with schemes like furlough," he added.

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