The Wagner rebellion has proven that Putin's world is shaky and decidedly incompetent. Western commentators are also saying that it has hit China too. Since, both are allies, therefore, a weak Russia means the Sino-Russo alliance is weakened and thus so is China.

Some have also speculated that the alliance itself is weakening as China is now taking advantage of the Russian problems and making money through trade and other deals. Reports are cited that China had requested Russia to postpone the invasion till after the Olympics to settle several other issues before it. However Russia went ahead but China has coped and also took advantage of the situation to make money and strengthen its currency. It's also waiting to take over the leadership of the anti-West cluster as Russia and Putin are shrinking in clout and victories every day and China will lead by default.

No matter what the veracity of the observations, the fingers point to a West that is very concerned about the inevitable /potential rise of China and the inevitable slide of Russia -already visible- due to the Ukraine war.

Is "race"/"civilization" pushing US policy?

It's curious how the responses and interpretation of the new cold war -"Sino -US" differs from the older version. The Chinese are part of the "inscrutable East '' while Russia, despite being a bad boy, is part of the West. As scholar Samuel Huntingdon had said this in his book "Clash of Civilizations,' Russia is part of the West.

In general Western public are far less bothered about international politics. They are focused on everyday life issues, hence domestic politics dominates. Interestingly, public interest rises only when foreign policy conflicts are reported on Iran, North Korea and China. It's obvious who the enemies are in most minds.

Various studies including election related ones have shown that most right wingers and ideological racists are in favour of military engagement with Muslim states and China. Due to voting reasons and strategy, it's not easy to speak of engagement and win votes. And it was easier to deal with one "evil" power-Soviet Union- but after a spell of Muslim countries- Iran, Iraq, Syria- as super villains, China has emerged as the big one. It's more uncomfortable because it has emerged to contest the US when life was supposed to be easier after the Soviet Union's fall.

For the US, it's easy to understand Russia but both China and the Islamic world present a face they don't know how to handle. They have nothing in common with these "Villains".

China not "White"?

Apart from the obvious race connotations which are globally common, such colour codes do denote power plays as well. Human History began with the Blacks, then moved to the Whites and the Yellow challenge is now taking place. The combined economic strength of the South East Asian countries including Japan and China are huge and they form a racial bloc as well. Any 'racial "transition concept is denied in international politics and academia or that it isn't a major but it does exist as fact. Hence China as a contestant is not just an economic power but a civilizational and cultural competitor as well.

The recent Wagner episode shows that Russia is indeed weaker and its model of outsourced warfare carries inherent problems too. And this weakened Russia means the anti-Western axis is increasingly coming under China's leadership though how effective one is not sure. What it does say is that the obvious failure to end the war and the more obvious failure to use the war by both sides - Russia and the West- to gain proves once more the limits of Western supremacy has been seen.

And that makes China even more visible than before and so is its perception as a threat.

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