Unlike vegetables, fruits aren't nearly as much of a chore to consume daily. Sweet, versatile and delicious, fruits are commonly used as snacks, flavours and beverages internationally. Sure, fruits like durian and jackfruit are more popular in certain regions, but fruits are loved universally and here are the 5 most creative ways to eat them.

Fruit Popsicles

Popsicles aren't a new concept, but it certainly is the best solution if you're facing fatigue from tropical weather. A wide array of food can be used for this, but the classic mix involves slices of kiwis and strawberries (peeled and chopped). Additionally, you'll want to prepare some juice to ensure that the mix is complete. Begin by adding about 400g of mango into a blender, together with orange juice.

Once prepared, sugar syrup will be the last component for the juice before you use either disposable cups or ice trays as your mold. Naturally, freezing the juice mix with sliced fruits will be the final step. It's not the most complicated way to eat fruits, but it certainly is tedious if you're pressed for time and is best made in batches. With sugar syrup added, this method will be purely for indulgence and would not be the way to go if you're looking to trim your waistline.

Grilled Fruits

Grilled fruits isn't the wildest idea out there, but it certainly is an underrated way to eat your fruit. Pineapples are commonly grilled to complement burgers, while peaches are used for slightly sweater dishes. Surprisingly plums, apples, pears and even watermelon are phenomenal when grilled.

Sea salt, coconut oil and juice are clever ingredients that can be splashed into the mix when grilling to prevent the fruit from spoiling while also avoiding a complete savoury transformation.

Grilled can be eaten in a myriad of ways: kebabs, add-ons to salads, pasta dishes, and of course, on its own. Different fruits will shine more than others depending on the dish you're opting to grill it for, which means some trial and error is required to bring out the best of these different fruits.

Fruity Salads

Not quite a traditional fruit salad, a fruity salad instead uses fruits as only a part of the entire salad dish. Leafy greens and typical vegetable additions like lettuce, onions and tomatoes. Despite being a celebration of flavours, the mix of sweet and savoury won't be for everyone. This is another kind of dish that takes little to no preparation and can be whipped up in mere minutes!

Since salads tend to be versatile as it is, picking the correct fruit to pair with certain types of nuts and vegetables requires a keen eye and a separate skill set of its own. If you are the creative sort who doesn't have time to cook, this could be the perfect dish for you.

Baked Apples with Cinnamon

Leaning more towards the sweet side again, baked apples on its own is incredibly healthy, but the extra ingredients required for this dish to truly pop is more decadent than nutritious. Typically, baked apples complement cinnamon and nuts, which is what you'll want to use to compliment your baked apple.

When starting to bake your apple, it is crucial that the fruit is washed and cored before anything else. Once the apple is ready to be baked, add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and honey each. Chop 30g of walnuts and 50g of dried mixed fruits after.

A teaspoon of cinnamon will come last and it will be the main ingredient that compliments the apple. Overall, a tasty dessert that isn't rocket science to make and phenomenal after a heavy meal.

Mango and BBQ Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

For the level of sweetness mangos have, it's surprising how versatile this fruit can be. From the traditional Thai Mango Sticky Rice, to barbeque chicken - mangos have picked up traction specifically in the SouthEast Asian region. The mangao and BBQ chicken rice paper rolls are an unorthodox marriage that was never supposed to work, but ends up surpassing all expectations.

Rice paper wrappers, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, shredded chicken, grated carrots, sprouts, unsalted cashew nuts and mango strips are the main ingredients that make up for this ensemble. These ingredients are all subtle in taste and are necessary to ensure that the attention is split evenly between the mango and chicken. Optionally, you can exemplify the combination even further by using sweet chilli sauce as your dip of choice.

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