French designer Coco Chanel says, "No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory." Fragrance has authoritative power. It is one of the few keys that can open and invite one into memories, with a single note taking to a specific place, event, person or time. As a result, a perfume can define a person. It becomes their signature and leaves an indelible mark on people's memories. Most people spend a lot of money on perfumes, but it gets really annoying to spray it on if the scent evaporates quickly. While some perfume formulas do not last as long as others, there are ways to ensure that your scent lasts a little longer.

Spraying on pulse points

Scent is activated by body heat. The pulse points of the wrists are hot due to the blood pumps near the surface of the skin, which is the ideal area to apply perfume. Other hot spots on your body include behind your ears, behind your throat, inside your elbows, and behind your knees. Applying to the pulse points can help release the scent throughout the day.

Applying Vaseline

Vaseline ointment keeps the scent longer. Apply to wrists, neck, inside elbows, behind knees, ankles and calves. The sticky properties of this petroleum jelly can act as a glue for the molecules of the perfume. These molecules stay on longer than the ones without the Vaseline and so it helps to disseminate the fragrance longer than usual.

After showering

If a person has just jumped out of the bath or shower, they should take advantage of the fact that their skin is ready to absorb the smell. After a shower, clean pores open up with water vapor, so this is the best time to apply perfume. However, do not apply perfume while the skin is still damp as the perfume will not be able to latch on in this case and will diminish quite easily.


Moisturize the skin with a good oily lotion or cream before applying or reapplying perfume. Fragrance-free formulations are ideal, but if a person wants to mix and match scents, they can feel free to use a scented moisturizer. Dry skin does not retain the scent as long as the unhydrated skin does not have the proper receiving surface to hold the perfume contents.

The scent will stay on the skin longer once it is put on after a matching lotion or an unscented one. This will retain the fragrance all day long. For best results, shower, towel dry, and hydrate before spraying it on.

Spraying on hairbrush

If a person has accidentally sprayed perfume on their hair, they have probably noticed that the scent lasts much longer than applying just on the skin. Now this does not mean that the hair is completely doused in perfume with an overpowering smell, as it can be potentially dangerous and overwhelming for the hair strands. But a light spray can be wise to make it last longer.

The fragrance penetrates into the hair and lasts all day. One can also buy hair perfumes and mists that are usually slightly less concentrated and contain extra oils to nourish the hair preventing any damage. Rubbing perfume directly on the hair can cause the hair to dry out. Instead, spritz it lightly with a comb or buy a hair perfume designed specifically to care for the hair.

No shaking

Friction of the perfume molecules caused by shaking produces heat. This heat breaks down the perfume particles and evaporates faster along with the fragrance disappearing quicker. Therefore, never shake the perfume bottle. Air enters the bottle and accelerates the decomposition of the perfume.

No rubbing

Some people feel the urge to rub their wrists together to warm up the perfume so that the scent can spread faster. Unfortunately, this only destroys the structure of the perfume and ultimately weakens the fragrance. Splashing and rubbing should be avoided for two reasons. First, rubbing the wrist can diminish the top notes or the smell that can be found in the first 5 minutes after using the perfume. Secondly, it can also change the scent by intensive mixing of perfume and natural oils.

Spraying on clothes

The simple but strategic way to make perfume last longer is by spraying it on fabrics before putting it on. This acts as an odor trapping net, making it very effective. Perfume lasts longer on clothes. To avoid stains from appearing, it is wise to avoid dark- colored fragrances on white shirts.

Fall and winter give us great opportunities to spray on all the wool too. So, do not just spray perfume on the body, but also on the clothes. Textiles in clothes can retain their smell for a very long time and sometimes even after washing them.

Future touchup

When one wants the scent to last longer, instead of carrying a bottle of perfume with them everywhere, there is an effective trick to sprinkle it on a cotton swab and storing it in a zip lock bag. Then, when in need of an instant touch-up, simply peel it off and apply it to the pulse points.

Proper storage

Heat, light, and moisture destroy the components of a perfume, making it less fragrant as a result. When someone opens the perfume, it takes about three pumps for the spray to take effect. This is because the perfume is closed with air. As soon as the oxygen enters into the bottle, the scent starts to age slowly. Just as UV rays accelerate the aging of the skin, the same applies to perfumes.

To keep the scent strong and unchanging, avoid direct sunlight and ideally store the bottle in a cool place outside the bathroom as the heat and moisture from the shower and bathtub can seriously damage the bottle.

Bottom Line

By following these tips, the fragrance will last as long as possible. Start the process by purchasing the perfume that is right for you. Then, store them properly and avoid the things that could degrade the scent.

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