Chanchal Chowdhury, a successful actor with diverse characters, recently surprised his fans by posting a picture of him with a bald head. This selfie in fact originates from the new web series 'Boli' made for the Hoichoi platform. The shooting of the web series 'Boli' started on September 15, 2021. Hoichoi's viewers will be able to enjoy this web content from next December. Let's get some insights about this web series still behind-the-curtain.

The story and crew behind the web series 'Boli'

Shongkho Dash Gupta, a well-known advertisement maker in the media, has started the work of 'Boli' focusing on the traditional game of Boli in Chittagong. The 'Boli' team has kept everyone curious about the background of the series.

Apart from Chanchal Chowdhury, Sohana Saba, Safa Kabir, Moushumi Mou, Ziaul Haque Palash, and Sohail Mandal Rana also star in 'Boli'. Director and actor Salauddin Lavlu is embarking on his journey on the web platform through 'Boli'.

Good Company is in the production of 'Boli'. Shonkho Dash's team is working on a plan to finish the shooting in two weeks.

Chanchal Chowdhury in portraying another versatile character

This is Chanchal Chowdhury's second work on the same platform after his huge success in 'Taqdir'. Although this is Chanchal Chowdhury's first work with new web series maker Shonkho Dash Gupta, he is quite optimistic about 'Boli'.

His fellow actors and actresses also acknowledge the versatility of his acting. He has established his name in every community of the entertainment arena as well as in the audience through the characters of Shonai of 'Monpura', 'Aynabaji' and 'Misir Ali' of 'Devi'.

So far, Chanchal Chowdhury has won the National Film Award for Best Actor twice, the Merrill-Prothom-Alo Award for Critics and Audience Survey, and the RTV Star Award for Best Central Actor.

This stage-play actor doesn't limit his make-up to just wigs and fake beards. Being a student of fine arts, Chanchal Chowdhury's art knowledge about make-up is obvious. So this natural actor is very careful in the case of make-up to portray the character.

Chanchal Chowdhury's fluent movement in web media

Chanchal Chowdhury's fame spread even more after the release of 'Taqdir' on the Indian OTT platform Hoichoi. Since then he has been a regular in web content. He has already gained viewership by working in Giyasuddin Selim's 'Jatri', Krishnendu Chattopadhyay and Tanim Noor's 'Contract', Rabiul Alam Robi's 'Unoloukik'. This maestro stars in popular director Amitabh Reza Chowdhury's first web series 'Munshigiri' which is on its way to the unveiling.

For the first time, the Bangladeshi web serial is being featured on India's OTT platform G5. The name of the serial directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul is 'Roopkatha Noy' where Chanchal Chowdhury plays the central character.


Chanchal Chowdhury's fans believe that he will be able to do justice to his name in the web series 'Boli' to keep up with his continuity in successfully showing the characters' diversity. Chanchal Chowdhury's iconic character 'Boli' can uplift his career as well as popularity to a new height. What is more? The production of versatile web series like 'Boli', Bangladeshi contents can acquire an honorable place among the South-Asian web series.

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