Tasnuva Anan Shishir walked on the ramp of New York City Fashion Week as the first Bangladeshi trans model. She achieved this feat by participating in the show held in New York on the 13th February 2022. The background of her success is not like the story of random successful people. Let's get to know about her life story along with this outstanding success.

The story of a Tasnuva Anan Shishir

June 16, 1991; The baby born in Bagerhat, Khulna was named Kamal Hossain. Before he reached the high school level, Kamal began to feel the presence of femininity throughout his movements and attire. It was not well accepted by the people, even his family. At one point, Kamal Hossain had to leave the house thinking of the prestige of his parents.

He came to Narayanganj from Bagerhat and studied social work there at Government Tolaram College. After completing the Honors and Masters, he received another one-year Master's degree in Public Health from BRAC James P. Grant School of Public Health. Throughout this period, Kamal has expressed himself in front of society as a woman. Then, at the end of 2016, he finally made up his mind. In Calcutta, on the advice of a doctor, he transformed physically from Kamal Hossain to Tasnuva Anan Shishir.

Later, at one stage of her career, she got acquainted with the famous drama director Chayanika Chowdhury. In regard to this acquaintance, she got the opportunity to enter the newsroom of Baishakhi TV.

Participation at New York City Fashion Week

Tasnuva traveled to North America to receive the award for Best Bangladeshi News Presenter at the invitation of Showtime Music. That's when she happened to get the news from New York City Fashion Week. Every year in February and September, this international event is held in Manhattan, New York City.

Omar Chowdhury, the strategic partner of this world-renowned event, and Ariful Islam, executive producer of 4M TV USA, invited Tasnuva Anan to join the ramp. Since Shishir does not have a work permit in the United States, this invitation was made for a guest appearance.

Plutz's Fashion Marketing was in the production of this grand event titled 'Plitz New York City Fashion Week'. Tasnuva Anan Shishir took part as the first Bangladeshi trans model with models from different countries.

She was wearing a dress designed by the famous costume designer Oscar Gonzalez Montanez.

The theme of the dress was decided based on Valentine's Day. The chosen colors are black, white, and red. Tasnuva wore two outfits on the day of the event; One was a gown, and another was a winter hoodie.

Ideal for breaking the shackles of stereotyped society

In adolescence, she could easily carry out activities including tuition and dance like other boys. But after becoming a trans woman, life became even more critical for Tasnuva. She used to work as a voice artist which was stopped eventually; as she was not getting any call from the programs.

Tasnuva had no proper communication with her other four sisters and one brother. All of her siblings were busy with their family and children. Even when she got a chance to talk to her siblings for a couple of minutes a year, they used to avoid sharing each other's addresses. Although there was no way to meet in person, Tasnuva herself had been taking care of her parents.

Though Tasnuva faced innumerable difficulties imposed by society, nothing could stop her talent. With hard work and perseverance, a new dawn broke in Tasnuva's life.

Hope for Transgender Cimmunity

Tasnuva Anan Shishir has been continuing her dance, which was discontinued in childhood. She has acted in a movie named 'Kasai'. Currently, she is working with various well-known brands. All in all, she is constantly overcoming all obstacles and moving forward with her best efforts.

Now more transgender people are following the path shown by Tasnuva Anan Shishir. People who have been oppressed by thousands of contempt for ages have started to think about life anew. This international recognition of Tasnuva Shishir is not only a beacon of hope for this particular community, it is a huge progress in the fashion industry for the whole country. In fact, class, religion, caste, and community should not be the determinant of a person's identity and respect.

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