Al Mahmud, one of the major poets of Bangla literature, died around 11pm at the Intensive Care Unit of a city hospital on February 15. He was 83.

The poet wrote poems, novels, short stories, essays, and more. His pertinent subjects and unique approach have fetched him admiration for six decades. His immense contribution to Bangladeshi poetry over the years has earned him international acclaim as well. His writings highlight nature, greenery and riverine life typical of Bengal, love, affection, Language Movement, nationalism, political and economic exploitation, chronicles of the oppressed etc.

Mahmud's literary work Shonali Kabin published in 1973, is considered as a landmark of Bengali poetry. He made great contributions to the Language Movement and Bangla literature. The poet was a freedom fighter as well. He was deeply involved with several literary and progressive movements.

Around 1954, the poet's first poems were published in the literary supplements of Dhaka and Kolkata. Soon poetry enthusiasts in Dhaka and Kolkata alike took notice. He regularly wrote for Chatushkon, Chaturanga, Mayukh and Krittibash. Several poems by Mahmud published in Kobita, edited by Buddhadev Basu, created uproar amid the contemporary literary giants.

In 1975, Mahmud joined Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy as Assistant Director of Research and Publication. In 1993, he retired from the academy as Director. Al Mahmud had published more than 60 books of poetry, short stories, novels, articles and more.

Mahmud's other famous works include Mayabi Porda Dule Otho, Arobbo Rojonir Rajhash, Bakhtiyarer Ghora, Pankourir Rakto, Nodir Bhitorer Nodi, and Kobi-r Amtobishwash. Arobbo Rojonir Rajhash, Dinjapon, Ditiyo Bhangon, Ekti Pakhi Lej Jhola, Golpshomogro, Jebhabe Gore Uthi.

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