The iconic romantic song of the 70s 'Ogo Tumi Je Amar' has been recomposed. After forty-four years Alif Alauddin, the daughter of the original song Salma Sultana has voiced the new arrangement of music of the song. Shawkat Ali Emon, younger brother of Salma Sultana has mixed, mastered music of the song. Tanvir Khan has directed the music video. DG Rahat and Faisal have executed the task of music arrangement. The song has been dedicated to Salma Sultana, who is the first wife of National Award winning musician Alauddin Ali.

The song was released on YouTube channel of DJ Rahat on March 2. About the song Alif Alauddin has said that obviously the song has not been like the one by her mother but she hopes that the newer musical arrangement of the song will be liked by music listeners.

Ogo Tumi Je Amar was featured in the 1975 film 'Love in Simla'. The film starred Razzak and Kobori. It was sung by Salma Sultana alongside Kumar Bishwajit. Mukul Chowdhury wrote the song with Alam Khan as the composer. Salma Sultana passed away on September 29, 2016.

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