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Nature as muse for Soikat


Soikat Hossain, considered one of the gifted contemporary watercolourists, has a great zeal for depicting the grandeur of nature, flowers of many kinds---known, unknown and wild flowers, serene and natural atmosphere, riverine life with greenery, spacious cloudy skies and pure pastoral ambiance. Soikat believes that humans are all parts of nature, but some of us meticulously surveys nature with deep impulse.

Soikat concentrates on the consistency of colours, smooth textures and mind-boggling features. In their unique application on the paper, the colours come across as lively and the objects as well as compositions seem pleasantly adorned. The watercolours with flowers are sometimes characterised by polished brushstrokes and soothing hues. He is very careful about shading and colour transitions of botanical illustrations in favour of a novel look that unabashedly declares the role of artistic interpretation and careful accuracy.

Soikat is a nature watercolourist. His keen aptitude is to draw the philosophical aspect of nature, its volume and colour to create sensitive vibes. Losing himself in the natural world, the artist frequently takes themes from this affluent source and plays with shades and hues on paper. Blossoming and budding flowers as well as floral imagery are recurring features in his watercolours. Realism is Soikat’s specialty and he has engrossed himself with this genre of art. He has the ability to create an authentic setting as a backdrop for themes. He has used quiet colours and tones where pastoral’s socio-economic and cultural structures have also been highlighted. He portrays poverty- ridden villages, thatched houses where green vegetations have grown up at the corner of the houses, quiet and smooth roads amidst the villages, fowl taking foods in the yards, electric pillars crisscrossing over the paddy fields and canals, boat repairing beside the banks of the river and plying boats are also seen in the river where tranquil greeneries have been encircled. He has also drawn an urban park with serene milieu. One of his works highlights his own studio where he has produced lots of artworks, also a place for muse. He depicts landscapes in a vital synchronisation in themselves. His use of colours is soft, sensitive and nostalgic. His watercolours are superb in terms of his personal techniques and in creating the effects of water and essence of nature. The painter has also delved deep into the ambience of six seasons and foliage, the beauty of rustic culture. His quiet and profoundly meditative works contain a symbolism that alludes to peace and hope in nature. The watercolours appear more serene because of its lucid colours. His lines are very lyrical and spontaneous. A scrupulous balancing of light and shade is another trait in his works. His works emerge in lively form.

Soikat has developed a personal style particularly in watercolour medium. He prefers the medium firstly and foremostly for its capacity to articulate. The medium’s lucidity gives him a liberty to impart his creativity smoothly. His watercolours have also been done by agile brushstrokes. He possesses adequate insistence and potentials necessary for transforming visual insight of the world into a heart-rending approach. He draws pleasure from watercolour which enables him to interpret his inner thriving.

Soikat Hossain’s solo exhibition titled “Engrossed In Exploring Nature” recently held at Zainul Gallery.

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  • Nature as muse for Soikat

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