A new museum has started its journey in the capital city, Dhaka. This museum specializes in the history of Old Dhaka. The mystic tales about this part of the city since medieval times will now get a realistic look for enthusiastic visitors. The museum was inaugurated on October 11 on the premises of Asiatic Society of Bangladesh in Nimtali in the city. Cultural Minister Asaduzzaman Noor inaugurated the museum. Professor Mahfuza Khanam, president of Asiatic Society of Bangladesh presided over the opening ceremony. To begin initially the museum has incorporated five galleries.

The first Gallery relates to how the Asiatic Society at its present location was established shortly after the British departed from the Indian sub-continent. It relates to how it was first hosted at the then Dacca Museum Building and later shifted to Dacca Museum's own property in Deuri where Asiatic Society is now located. Then Asiatic Society was formed as Asiatic Society of Pakistan. The second gallery shows Asiatic Society's activities to preserve the Deuri of Old Dhaka. Deuri is considered the gateway of Nimtali Palace. The third Gallery would take viewers way back to begin with the start of historic Old Dhaka. In 1610 independent Bengal came under complete domination by Mughal Rulers of Delhi. From that time till 1717 the region remained somewhat subservient to India's rule. But it was this period that saw Old Dhaka flourish and become one of the greatest cities in the world at that time. Different sections of the gallery show the deputy-governors of Mughals in Bengal and their rule. It also has sections for Mughal emperors Bahadur Shah I, Farrukhsiyar and more.

The fourth gallery is for the prolific pseudo-independent rule of Bengal by adventurous and daring Mughal deputies. The fifth gallery is dedicated to the general people, their lives and the peasant artists. Commerce and trade grew significantly in Old Dhaka since 1717 at the hands of Armenians, Marwari bankers, Hindu merchant class and European traders. This gallery documents these facts.

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