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Ghuddy releases second album with patriotic songs


Musical band Ghuddy has brought about their second only album. The album was released on the Independence Day on the official YouTube channel of Ghuddy. The album includes six songs. All of them have patriotic lines. It also has poetic verses from 'Ekattorer Chithi'. Songs of the album have been written by Neel Mahbub and composed by Sharif Sumon and Adit and arranged by Sharif Sumon again.

Ghuddy is made up of-Sharif Sumon-on guitar, Adit - on keyboard, Faisal as vocalist, Mamun-on bass guitar, Aunik- on drums, Joy-as lead guitarist and Asif Kamal - as poem renderer. The last entry to the lineup might sound interesting as would the inclusion of poetic verses in their newest album. Explaining this, the band states that though music is a strong medium it only works in tunes. Thus they have included poems to accompany the tunes.

Present at the album launching event were artistes Joy Shahriar, Mahtim Sakib and band F Minor. Bappa Mazumder was also on the list of attendants.

About releasing their second album as a patriotic one the band leader Sharif Sumon said that his father was a Freedom Fighter. Being inspired by him and others during the war the band wants keep up motivating the country and the nation with music as weapon. They want their music to awaken the new generation and not generate money. Their music would attempt to speak for the Liberation War, spirit of Liberation War and Bangla Language. The first album of Ghuddy was released in 2011 under the title 'Latai.' The band was formed in 2007.

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  • Ghuddy releases second album with patriotic songs

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