Under the curatorship of Priti Ali artists like Mustafa Monwar, Jamal Ahmed, Najma Akhter, Mini Karim, Afrozaa Jamil Konka, Jahangir Hossain, Proshanta Karmakar, Anisuzzaman, Ronni Ahmmed and Priti Ali herself were in the list of participants of the expo, which recently held at International Club in Gulshan.

Mustafa Monowar is the senior-most painter in the group. Monwar is well known for regenerating interest in puppetry in our country. He is considered one of the most dedicated among contemporary Bangladeshi watercolourists, has a passion for demonstrating the splendour of nature, serene environment, riverine life, cloudy skies and pastoral areas.

Afrozaa Jamil Konka made a move from Oriental to Realistic Art in her early days. Though she changed her field of study, she tries to maintain a correlation between her present working style and Oriental Art. She mainly focuses on the female visage. By and large female appearances are represented, which voice her dreams, hopes and aspirations.

Proshanta Karmakar Buddha has successfully documented appealing women in all their statuesque beauty in the backdrop of historical milieu. The painter has mingled cultural heritage with loveliness of women in his pure realistic based paintings.

Anisuzzaman Anis has now become one of the significant woodcut printmakers in our country and his work zooms in on urban architecture, construction of human accommodation, urban constructions, and a city's structural design.In recent years, he has pondered on floral imagery and he meticulously draws flowers, leaves with superbly drawnbranches of trees through acrylic medium, which could be considered similar to the genre of photorealism. A sense of quiet contemplation pervades Anis's paintings and the flowers provide a pure rhythmic aura. He goes to details in floral life of nature and he can find a spiritual strength through the topic.

Ronni Ahmmed is known as a thoughtful artist, whose works invite viewers to engage cerebrally with his surrealistic imagesthat denote the motifs and narratives of different religions and beliefs, sometimes demonstrate unexpected combinations and absurdity. Expressions of the philosophical movementsare very much connected to his paintings.

Priti Ali is an ardent follower of pure abstract expressionism, who is now quite active in Dhaka art scene. Her paintings are very much connected to humans' affection, ecstasy, anguish and isolation. She is an emotionally charged painter and she draws what she feels from the core of her soul. Her paintings can be explained in many ways where one can find the touch of mysticism; some can get the taste of harmony, melancholy or despair. In her paintings, one feels the lament of a lonely soul, an underlying sorrow or a feeling of bareness.

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