Singapore Art Week takes place annually, to recognize visual arts. The nine days long Singapore Art Week gives artists, collectives, organisations, and other art intermediaries a chance to showcase excellent visual arts projects, discussions, and exhibitions.

The 2023 Singapore Art Week was a success. It was held from January 6 - January 15, this year. Singapore Art Week 2023 included more than 700 artists and curators from around the globe with more than 130 programs and exhibitions.

The biggest excitement was at two art fairs with more than 180 galleries. The fair director, Shuyin Yang, was heard quoting "We have been actively working to reach out to visitors from overseas, especially across Southeast Asia, and have travelled extensively across the region to host collector and press events to raise awareness of Art SG."

The largest art fair in Southeast Asia had over 160 art galleries, which took up more than 30,000 sq m of Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Singapore Art Week showcased art by internationally known artists, such as Georg Baselitz, Louise Bourgeois, Tracey Emin and Future.

Sundaram Gallery displayed Tayeba Lipi's stainless steel creations. The Bangladeshi artist's stainless steel artwork is astounding. She explores issues of female identity through metallic sculptures and woven fabrics. The artworks are made primarily of razor blades, a symbol of the pains many women experience to maintain their femininity.

Overall Singapore Art Week 2023 was fascinating, interesting, and very impressive.

Jamil Khan is a Creative Producer, Gallery Cosmos.

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