Want to spend some time in the midst of nowhere where a sinuous lake is flowing around highlands, milky cascades are falling from high above green hills and the simplistic lifestyle of tribal people releases stress? Explore Rangamati tourist attractions to enjoy all these flavours of nature.

Rangamati, one of the three districts that make up the Chittagong Hill Tracts. If you start your journey from Chittagong, a 48 mile/ 77km road will lead your way towards Rangmati. Stay with us to know what places to visit in Rangamati. Our article will also reveal some amazing things to do in Rangamati.

Top Rangamati Tourist Attractions

In this section we will highlight upon the top tourist attractions in and around Rangamati.

Kayaking/ Boating on Kaptai Lake:

Are you are a crazy traveler, who is always looking for adventure? If yes, then you would love Kayaking or boating experience on Kaptai Lake. Flowing around forest hills, valleys, and plain lands; this huge manmade lake features heavenly scenic beauty.

Through the journey on waterways you can access other picturesque spots in Rangamati, like Kaptai dam, Rangamati City, Rangamati Hanging Bridge, Navy Academy, Shuvalong Jharna, Karnafuli River, Rangamati Cable Car Ride, Sheikh Russell Ecopark, etc.

The Kaptai Dam is another remarkable tourist attraction of Rangamati. Looking back to the history, Kaptai Dam was built across Karnaphuli River in 1962 for generating hydroelectric power. This dam caused the creation of Kaptai Lake, which is confined within Rangamati district covering about 11000km2 of area.

How to get there: Starting from Dhaka, you can take a bus from Sayedabad / Komolapur bus station heading towards Kaptai directly. The journey may take 7 to 8 hours. You can also arrive at Chittagong from Dhaka by train. Then you can take a bus from Baddharhat bus stand to reach Kaptai from Chittagong. The fair ranges from 80 - 120 BDT. This journey usually takes about 2 hours.

Bathing in Shuvolong Waterfall Rangamati

If you want to bathe in a natural fountain don't miss Shuvolong waterfall in Rangamati. This heavenly cascade is flowing from the hills of Shuvolong area under Borokol sub district - 25km away from Rangamati.

Here you can enjoy the magnificence of several natural waterfalls. Among these falls, the biggest cascade is about 300-feet high which is popular as 'Shuvolong'. The captivating beauty of Shuvolong fountain can be fully enjoyed during the monsoon season, when the heavy flow of water revives this fountain creating enchanting panorama.

How to get there: You can explore this place through an adventurous speed boat journey over Kaptai Lake. Hire a boat from Rangamati Reserve bazar or Parjatan complex area. The boat fare ranges from 1200 to 3000 BDT depending on size and capacity. You can reserve the boat or go with other people on share. It usually takes one and half hour to reach Shuvolong from Rangamati.

Holy Rajbana Vihar Rangamati

The very moment you put your step into Rangamati you would sense the holy vibe of nature which can reduce anxieties from your mind. To further pacify your mind, you can visit Rajbana Vihar, an ancient Buddhist monastery in Rangamati.

Being established in back 1970s; this temple covers 33 acres of land holding the pride of the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh. With the backdrop of Kaptai Lake, Rajbana Vihara is standing amidst tall trees creating a peaceful ambient. While visiting this spiritual place of worship we should respect traditions.

How to get there: This monastery falls under Rangamati Sadar Upazila at 5 kilometer distance from Rangamati city. You can hire an auto rickshaw or reserve a private jeep to reach this place from Rangamati town.

Experiencing the Shiver of Rangamati Hanging Bridge

It won't be overwhelming to say that Rangamati hanging bridge is the Symbolic landmark of the Rangamati city. Hanging over Kaptai Lake, this 335 feet long bridge features a unique combination of standing upon blue water at the backdrop of green uplands.

Unlike the usual steel bridges, the Rangamati hanging bridge shivers when someone walks over it. It is certainly a thrilling experience. What is more? Standing on the hanging bridge you can enjoy the heavenly ambient, when reflections of hills and trees fall upon the crystal water of Kaptai lake.

How to get there: Hanging Bridge is located at 5 kilometer distance from Rangamati town. You can hire a local CNG auto rickshaw or private jeep to reach this place.

Visiting Rangamati Cultural Museum

Do you have interest about tribal life and culture? If yes, then put Rangamati Cultural Institute in your bucket list. This place is also famous as 'Tribal Cultural Institute Museum'. Rangamati Hill District is the natural habitat of various tribes, who have unique ways of living.

Visiting the museum, you can observe old manuscripts, arts, folklore collection, ancient coins, crafts, photographs, ornaments, costumes, weapons, tools, potteries, musical instruments, paintings, statues, etc. These valuable possessions can give you ideas about tribal people and their lifestyle, food habit, culture and religious practice.

Rangamati Tribal Cultural Institute Museum arranges different cultural events per year. To attain these programs, you need to check their program schedule before planning your itinerary. This museum is closed on Friday and public holidays.

How to get there: The Tribal Cultural Institute Museum stands near the entry gate of Rangamati Sadar Upazila. To reach this place from Rangamati town, you can take a ride by rickshaw.

Exploring Peda Ting Ting Island

Want to spend some serene hours in the midst of nowhere? Visit Peda Ting Ting, a tiny island lying upon Kaptai Lake. In this Island you can enjoy the fresh cool breeze, and awesome natural landscapes.

Here the local tribal people run a tiny restaurant which is famous for tasty indigenous cuisines like Bamboo Chicken (served in Bamboo). You will also find accommodation facilities for tourists. This island can give you unforgettable memories especially during sunset hours and moonlit night.

How to get there: You can reach this place by boat journey, which is a few kilometer distant from Rangamati town.

Trailing in Kaptai National Park:

Trailing in a forest environment can get you rid of the din and bustle of everyday life. To have trailing experience in Rangamati you can explore the Kaptai National Park. This lush green reserve forest falls under Rangamati Hill District covering the Karnafuly and Kaptai range.

While trailing in this forest you can see diverse animal species like birds, monkeys, deer, fishing cats, elephants, etc. Here you will find some standard rest houses and picnic spots. Kaptai National Park is one of the top tourist attractions in Rangamati.

How to get there: To reach Kaptai National Park from Rangamati Sadar Upazila, you can take a rickshaw.

When is the Best Time to Visit Rangamati?

During the months of October to February, the local temperature in Rangamati Hill Tract district usually remains cool with little or no rainfall. You can explore Rangamati quite safely during this period. Mother Nature blesses Rangamati with lush greenery and replenished waterfalls throughout the monsoon season. However, in this season, landslides may occur in the Rangamati hill tracts zone hampering the local transportation system for days.

Bottom Line:

So far we have highlighted the top tourist spots in and around Rangamati. We hope our discussion gives you a clear idea about Rangamati tourist attractions, to help you make the most of your trip. Happy travels!

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