The detrimental effect of the COVID19 pandemic is yet to over. The second wave of this pandemic is about to rise around the world. In the meantime, the government has decided to keep the educational institutes closed until the situation improves. But should the process of education remain closed? Homeschooling can be a safer and pragmatic solution to keep the children active and enlightened during the pandemic days. Though homeschooling can't compete with academic education, following some effective ways you can make it work. Read this article to know some valuable homeschooling tricks for parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Effective Homeschooling Tricks for Parents

Outline Education Goals for Your Child

With a vision of utilizing the quarantine period properly in teaching your child at home, you need to prepare a plan about how far you want your child to go. Prepare an outline for education goals for your child depending on its age and current level of learning. Then align a day-to-day curriculum for your kid to achieve the expected learning outcomes.

You can prepare separate objectives for different subjects considering the areas where the kid needs more attention. It would be the best idea, to share the designated learning goals with your kid. As every child is different, they have different concerns regarding learning. If your kid is a little grown-up, you can create the homeschooling education plan together to make it more effective.

Utilize Free Online Resources

By virtue of technological advancement, the homeschooling process has become versatile. At present diverse local and international platforms are providing huge online resourceful targeting the process of homeschooling. Navigating to these websites, you can access creative study materials compliant with the curriculum of your child.

For providing online education to the Bangladeshi students, Sangsad Television runs the program 'Amar Ghore Amar School'. Students can participate in their online classes free of cost. To get the updated routine for students of class one to ten, check out the following link

JAAGO Foundation has started a praise-worthy initiate 'Ghore Boshei Shikkha' to encourage online education for pupils all over the country. This program is designed with free digital classes for students up to class-five. The latest routines for classes one to five are available at

Besides these, diverse international sites are offering enormous online resources that can help your kid's homeschooling process. Navigating to these online knowledge-sharing platforms you can also learn about some useful homeschooling tricks for parents during the COVID19 pandemic.

Set up a Learning Space, and Environment

Your kid can play at any place or corner of the home. But for regular study purposes there must be a designated place, like a study room, reading table, or study corner, etc. Give some effort to prepare a place where your child can find interest to sit and study with patience. Here comes the necessity of a learning environment. If the learning space is noisy or untidy, the kid may not pay attention to study. Therefore, it is behooved upon the parents to designate a neat learning space assured with a peaceful environment.

Prepare a Learning Schedule

Kids can do better when their life is organized by a daily routine. The journey of homeschooling would be much easier if you can prepare an effective schedule depending on how much time you can give to teach your child. Like the class routine, you can assign different days for different subjects and reserve some time for playing, eating, and sleeping amidst learning hours. Using color pencils, sign pens, or markers, you can make the routine look attractive for your child. However, if you have multiple children, make special learning schedules for each kid.

Collaborate With Other Homeschooler Parents

It is a good idea to keep a connection with the parents of your child's classmates. Sharing your problems with other parents can not only assist you in solving your problems but also help those parents too. Furthermore, while sharing experiences you can learn about some helpful ways or online resources that can make your kid's homeschooling process more successful. Such collaboration can encourage both you and your kid in running the homeschooling battle with greater enthusiasm and creativity.

Create Passion Projects and Fun Activities

The proverb goes 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. During the pandemic situation, you may not allow the kid to play outside. But you can find some innovative ways that can both assist the learning process and provide fun to your kid. Knowing the specific area of interest of your kid, you can plan a passion project like writing an essay, solving analytical problems, doing science projects, spelling contest, etc.

Encourage Your Kids with Rewards

If your kid can reach its weekly or monthly study goals, don't forget to celebrate this success. Reward the kid with its favorite dish, comic book, or virtual game. These little incentives would encourage the child to continue the learning process with more excitement.

Bottom Line

So far we have discussed some homeschooling tricks for parents. However, these tips and tricks may not work equally for every kid. Depending on the specific nature, persona, and age level of your kid, you can customize and invent ways to make the learning process effectual and fun for the child. Happy Learning!

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