Even a secluded zone like Gulshan can suffer from poor traffic and waste management. To combat the issues, Gulshan Society has been working relentlessly as Gulshan Society Traffic Management Committee Chief Shayaan Seraj shared insights with UNB.

"I am connected with traffic management and civic utility areas," said Seraj adding that currently 70 community police have been deployed for Gulshan traffic management monitoring inner roads of residential areas.

He told UNB about the complexity of the traffic issue saying Gulshan has some 150 lanes and streets without adequate manpower to control the vehicular movements. Financing the projects to develop the condition can also be troublesome.

"Gulshan society is a donor-driven organisation so we have to ask for support from different corporate houses. Gulshan has turned into a commercial zone from the residential neighbourhood over the past decade. With the help of service fees from its residents and corporate houses we could deploy more people to control the traffics," said Seraj.

Shayaan Seraj also mentioned about involving the locals of Gulshan area as part of their strategy saying, "You can't work alone and youths are a must for the projects. You can support by financing, helping with logistics and many other ways."

He remarked that society is not using youths properly in community development as their voice gets sidelined most of the times.

"They (youth) should not be intimidated. We want students from the area to get more involved."

Seraj also told UNB that DNCC and Gulshan society works closely for solving the issue of waste management.

"Household wastes are collected by contractors enlisted by DNCC and wastes on the inner roads are collected by Gulshan society cleaners," he said about the current policy of waste management.

He further said waste can be a good revenue source for the city corporation because recyclable and organic both types of wastes can be used for different purposes.

Furthermore, Seraj remarked that similar activities can be done by other communities.

Shayaan Seraj stressed that the plans made for development in national level should start from the local levels among the communities.

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