Showcasing a tantalising array of fashion and cultural celebrations with a mission to democratise fashion, the first-ever Arka Fashion Week draws its closure at the Aloki Convention Centre, Tejgaon in the capital.

Over 50 entrepreneurs and brands are participating in this three-day event which works with fashion, fashion accessories and fashion-related products, made in Bangladesh; and the event catered to more than 5,000 attendees in three days from October 26.

Amid the nationwide political unrest, the premises of Aloki Convention Center became bustling with fashion-loving youth, influencers and entrepreneurs on the concluding day.

Bringing a refreshing perspective to the nation's fashion industry, Arka Fashion Week got underway on October 26. Even though most of the attendees were the 'Gen G' fashionistas, people from all walks of life joined the fashion festivity with much curiosity as everyone wandered around, stopped by the stands of different fashion entrepreneurs, purchased their desired products and enjoyed the collective offerings at the event.

The biennial event was joined by 35 fashion companies and designers. These skilled and driven entrepreneurs had carefully chosen and curated their signature collections, showcased in an exclusive setting titled 'Marketplace' that included Western, fusion, traditional, sustainable, artistic, and unique clothes and accessories.

Along with the marketplace, there were eight fashion shows on its second and third day, and the inaugural day consisted of a pageant competition titled "Miss and Mister Celebrity Bangladesh 2024." The new womenswear brand Kathal debuted through a special runway show and launched its first collection at Arka Fashion Week.

The main attraction of the fashion event was the interactive space titled 'Design Lab' where the fashionistas were able to buy a product and create their designs. Offering seven different design stations with facilities for block, patchwork, screen printing, hand printing and appliqué, the 'Design Lab' was crowded from morning till night during the entirety of the three-day event.

There were several other engaging spaces for the attendees, including an exclusive exhibition curated by Shehzad Chowdhury and Adrita Mahin Khan on the theme "Analogue to Digital" which also attracted a great crowd.

Live concerts were also a significant part of the first-ever Arka Fashion Week's offerings, with renowned bands Smooches and Meghdol mesmerising the crowd on the opening night. Popular band 'Joler Gaan' enthralled the audiences on Friday, the second day and the last day showcased Karnival and Dads in the Park.

An exclusive initiative of Arka Studio, the maiden edition of Arka Fashion Week concluded with a commitment to provide equitable opportunities to all kinds of designers and brands in Bangladesh.

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