Can you imagine yourself in a heavenly tranquil place in the midst of greenery with mountains as backdrop? To make this dream come true you can visit Sylhet, which is located in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh. Standing on the bank of the Surma River, Sylhet is blessed with subtropical climate, featuring humid weather, hot summer and cooler winter. Besides mausoleums and tea gardens, Sylhet has lots of tourist attractions. In this article, we are going to introduce you with top 6 tourist attractions in and around Sylhet.

1. Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp Forest is a heavenly tourist attraction in Sylhet. Covering about 504 acres of land, Ratargul forest connects with Chengir Lake and Gowain River. This forest is composed of diverse kinds of water plants. What makes Ratargul forest exclusive is the amazing beauty of standing trees over the water.

During the rainy season, this forest is submerged with 20-30 feet water. Then it looks like the trees and their shadows have divided the crystal water. What is more? The marvelous greenery of surrounding Mizoram hills is merged with the eternal beauty of this serene forest.

How to reach Ratargul Swamp Forest from Sylhet city? First, you can hire a CNG - fare ranges around 500 BDT - from Sylhet city to arrive at Goain Ghat. The journey usually takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. From Goain Ghat, you can reserve a trawler engine boat to explore the Ratargul Swamp Forest.

2. Jaflong

Wanna feel the thrill of visiting the neighboring country India without crossing the border? The famous tourist destination Jaflong can give you this outstanding experience. The Dauki River originating from the north Khasi mountains of India flows into Bangladesh with the name 'Piyain'. Lying on the bank of 'Piyain' River Jaflong falls under the East Jaflong Union at Guainghat Upazilla in Sylhet.

How to reach Jaflong from Sylhet city? The distance from Sylhet city to Jaflong is about 62 km. You can take a bus from Sylhet city heading towards Jaflong directly. The journey takes about 3 to 3.5 hours.

Hiring a boat in Jaflong, you can visit Zero Point, the last border of Bangladesh. The most amazing attraction of Jaflong is a natural bridge hanging over the river Dauki. Here you can also enjoy the magnificent water falls flowing from distant green mountains.

3. Bisnakandi

If you are a crazy lover of boat journey, then Bisnakandi would cherish your soul. The Bisnakandi village falls under Rustompur Union at Guainghat Upazilla in Sylhet. Bichanakandi presents a unique natural beauty where several layers of Khasi Mountain summits at a single peak from different sides. While flowing from the high mountains, the river stream carries huge rocks which naturally get deposited in Bisnakandi. The rolling stones lying over crystal clear water would leave an unforgettable memory in your mind.

Bisnakandi is about 25 kilometers far from Sylhet City. There are several ways to reach Bisnakandi from Sylhet city. You can take a CNG auto-rickshaw to arrive at Hadarpar. On this point you can reserve a local boat to explore Bisnakandi.

During your boat-journey to Bisnakandi, the boat will travel across the heavenly beautiful Piyain River. On the way, you can enjoy the cherubic sceneries of cloud-hugging mountain views, sinuous falls and graceful rural landscape. The best views of Bichanakandi are found during the rainy season.

4. Lalakhal

Wanna spend your vacation floating on a wide natural canal where the water looks emerald green? You can have such a heavenly place in the 'Lalakhal' canal near Tamabil road in Sylhet. The distance from Sylhet city to Lalakhal is about 35 km. This canal is connected with the mind-blowing Sharee River, originated from the Meghalaya - a state of India. Being comparatively shallow, the Sharee River is a great source of sand resource in Sylhet.

How to reach Lalakhal from Sylhet city? First, get on a bus to arrive at Sarighat - 42 km distant from Sylhet city. Here you would find reserve boats. Now, you can step on this heaven on earth through a boat ride. The amazing beauty of Lalakhal would keep you enthralled throughout the journey. The greenish blue crystal water of Lalakhal creates a breathtaking combo with cloud touching hills and surrounding greenery.

5. Manipuri Rajbari

If you are fond of ancient architecture, then you can put Manipuri Rajbari in your bucket list. Manipuri Rajbari is a significant piece of Sylhet's history and architecture. This historical place bears remembrance of dynasty and architectural monuments built by three royal brothers: Gombir Singh, Churging Singh, and Marjit Singh. Visiting this place you can see a few remaining assets - like the principal gate, Bhalakhana, decorated stairs, and border wall - of the sing dynasty.

6. Malnicherra Tea garden

Sylhet is renowned worldwide for production of standard quality tea leaves. Not to mention the unique beauty of tea gardens have presented Sylhet a different identity. To make your Sylhet tour contented, don't miss to visit Malnicherra tea garden. Here the tea trees and evergreen surroundings are declaring the grandeur of nature. As far as the eyes go, plush green carpet is spread across the horizon under blue sky. This tranquil ambient can release your stress and make your soul relax.

Bottom Line

Sylhet is a divisional headquarter and one of the major cities of Bangladesh. The amazing combination of greenery, beautiful rivers and mountain views has made Sylhet a favorite destination of tourism for the outdoor enthusiasts from Bangladesh as well as the whole world. So far, we have highlighted the top 6 tourist attractions in and around Sylhet. Besides these, Sylhet has many other tourist spots to visit.

Sylhet has good communication system with capital city Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh. However, it is recommended to checkout weather forecast before starting expedition. While you go for boat rides don't forget to carry lifejacket, if you can't swim. Happy travelling!

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