Julia Roberts and George Clooney act as divorced parents that go to Bali Indonesia, to stop their daughter from marrying a seaweed farmer.

Julia Roberts' character Georgia and George Clooney's character David fail to stop the wedding of their daughter Lily to Gede. Kaitlyn Dever acts as Lily. French born Indonesian actor, Maxime Bouttier acts as Gede.

The film is set in beautiful Bali Indonesia. Lilly decided to give up her career of becoming a lawyer and stay in Bali with Gede. Georgia and David are quarreling parents of Lily. Georgia and David tried to stop lily from marrying Gede because Georgia and David did things wrong 25 years back.

The sets of the film are beautiful set in exotic Bali. The costumes are superb. Ol Parker directed Ticket to Paradise impressively.

The acting was excellent by both Julia Roberts and George Clooney. Kaitlyn Dever did a good job acting as Lily. Maxime Bouttier acted well in his first big Hollywood film.

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