Selina Azad renders Modern Bangla songs at National Museum


IGCC organised an evening of Modern Bangla songs by Selina Azad on May 4 at Kabi Sufia Kamal Auditorium, Bangladesh National Museum, Shahbagh in the city.

Selina Azad is a singer of modern Bangla songs, a teacher of music and General Secretary of Sangskriti Kendra (Centre for Education, Creative and Performing Arts), which was established in 1990 in Dhaka by eminent music maestro Ustad Azad Rahman. Born in a culturally oriented family, Selina Azad was inspired in music by her parents in childhood. She began her education in music from Ustad P.C Gomez. Afterwards, she took further training from eminent musicians – classical vocalist Ustad Ful Mohammad and Nazrul artistes Janab Sohrab Hossain and Sudhin Das.

Selina Azad is a special Grade artiste of Bangladesh Betar and BTV. In 1967, she started participating as a child singer in children’s programme in BTV. Later she earned great fame as a playback singer in the films ‘Masud Rana’, ‘Dasyu Banhur’, ‘Khokan Sona’, ‘Mayar Badhon’ etc. As Selina Azad’s songs were great hits, even nowadays her songs are regularly sung by eminent singers in various TV channels. Selina Azad is wife of Ustad Azad Rahman, eminent music maestro in the country, who is a great music composer and also the pioneer of Bangla Kheyal in Bangladesh.

  • DhakaCourier
  • Vol 34
  • Issue 44

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