Russian international photo contest on its civilization starts


The third annual edition of Moscow-based international photo contest 'Russian Civilization' has started. Opening on July 22 the contest will run till September 8. Professional and amateur photographers from Russia and different parts of the world will be able to upload their authorised photos to the website named

In 2017 when the contest was held for the first time, 10 thousand pictures of 1.8 thousand photographers from 28 countries were submitted to the competition. Last year more than 17 thousand pictures from 3 thousand photographers were submitted to this contest from 44 countries including Costa Rica, New Zealand, El Salvador, Barbados, Venezuela, South Africa etc.

"Every year the contest is getting bigger. The growing number of the contestants shows the fact that photographers from different corners of the world have kin interests for this photo contest. I am glad to see the great desire in the inhabitants of our country, our compatriots abroad, immigrants who are living in Russia, to show how they see Russian civilization", said Igor Barinov- head of the FADN of Russia and chairman of the jury board of the photo contest.

The works will be judged by the jury board, which includes well-known professional photographers, artists, journalists, public figures from Russia and other countries in the world. The award giving ceremony will be held at one of the most popular exhibition venues in Moscow in the Autumn of 2019 and the best work of the contest will be displayed on the streets of Moscow. Last year the most popular photos of the contest were presented in one of the most unique private art galleries in Moscow. Apart from Russia the exhibition "Russian Civilization" has been held in different countries including France, India, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Armenia and more.

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  • Russian international photo contest on its civilization starts
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