Chitrangada staged in Chinese at Shilpakala


To celebrate China’s cultural month of 2019, a drama titled ‘Chitra’ was performed at the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA), Segunbagicha in the city on July 28. The performers of this drama were the students of Peking University of China. The drama was directed by Hou Jue, a professor of Peking University. State Minister for Cultural Affairs, K M Khalid, and Secretary Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal were present on the occasion. They praised the initiative to stage the famous drama of Tagore in another language.

Rabindranath Tagore published his drama titled ‘Chitrangada’ in 1892. The subject matter of ‘Chitrangada’ was taken from ‘Mahabharata’, an ancient Indian epic. The love story of Veer Arjun and Chitrangada is described in this drama. ‘Chitra’, directed by Professor Hou Jue, is based on the story of Tagore’s ‘Chitrangada’. The director said that there is a difference in projection of the lead character between Tagore’s Chitrangada and Chitrangada from ‘Mahabharata’. In Mahabharata, Chitrangada looks beautiful, graceful and feminine. But Tagore’s Chitrangada is brave and fearless. She is not familiar with the idea of beauty and gracefulness in a lady. She is not as much beautiful as the Chitrangada in Mahabharata. Professor Hou Jue tried to intensify the rhythm of ‘Chitra’ by improvising the plot of Tagore’s Chitrangada. The drama was translated to Chinese from Bangla by Pan Ayuan. In his career, Hou Jue has staged two more dramas by Tagore titled ‘Raktakarabi’ and ‘Tasher Desh’.

The event was a joint collaboration of the Chinese Embassy, BSA, Peking University’s Department of Afro-Asian Languages, Dhaka University’s Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, and Bangladesh-China Friendship Center.

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  • Chitrangada staged in Chinese at Shilpakala
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