The best thing that could happen to the fantastic series and test match loss to Pakistan was Murad, the violently dirty talking ex-Minister of Information. People were so busy with his dug up verbal antics on social media that they couldn't pay proper attention to the loss that ranks as one of the worst Bangladesh has ever seen. Murad's departure is unmourned because like it or not, it shows that such embarrassments have now become routine in a political party that led the 1971 war.

How did he enter the cabinet?

The question is, how he was selected in the first place to be a cabinet member. Going by the language he uses, he certainly can claim to be as polite as a hired thug and he said so with some pride. But while these people are supposed to uphold the spirit of 1971, he seems to have done the opposite and the rape references are similar to the boasting of the Pakistan army in 1971. But then who are we to ask?

Some of the issues that have emerged cause concern not about the ruling party but our future. Murad certainly represents the younger leadership tier of the ruling party who without any Opposition camp may be considering permanent rule. Which is fine really as it really doesn't matter as to who rules. People themselves don't care but what kinds of leadership are they offering in the future? Let's face that such conversations are common and no biggie loses their job at the sib-ministerial level. Media is full of such reports so people may be facing future where any powerful may call and threaten rape. Couldn't the ruling party find a better leader to make the powerful doctor's lobby than a potential rapist?

The Zia family abuse and....

The case is so well known that it doesn't deserve any elaboration but most think that abusing Khaleda Zia's granddaughter, Tariq Zia and Khaleda herself with sexual innuendo was shocking but not worth a dismissal. Given the current toxic mood in politics, just about everything has been said and more minus the sex. He was mouthing words which many politicians regularly use against each other.

People were deeply offended but then people have been offended many times before and nothing happened. So there is no reason to thin k that this is what got him the boot. The second tape was of course leaked to the media by those who listen and record. Most feel that by then his fate was decided and it was just more about getting something even more offensive to make the booting more convincing.

What this also means is that -most people think- many other leaders and ministers will have said the same on tape to and about others the same way. They must have threatened to rape and violation, maiming and killing. And all that are in some archives already making all of them vulnerable. If they cross the line or show any dissidence, such tapes if it applies may emerge. Ordinary people are used to the idea of being listened to as they have nothing to hide or fear but for the elite, its life on a leash.

It's interesting that a two years old tape has emerged in which the threatened and abused are also famous stars of the film industry and known to all. And these people could never have even thought of complaining to anyone about it. They didn't complain of course and it's only when it was leaked that the matter became known. Nothing proves how helpless people are than this episode.

So why the Murad chop?

It's an indicator of the present that many aren't buying the official story that it was these tapes that did the qurbani. One lobby thinks that he offended the higher ups by trying to become a full minister and the other that he had offended some senior bureaucrats who wield more power than any politician. So knowing that he shoots his foul mouth off regularly, he stepped into a trap and it was game, set, go. And off he went. What matters to him after this is of no interest to the public as so many other scandals are there waiting to be juiced over. However, this is pure speculation.

The idea that it was to distract attention from the Khaleda Zia case may not be true because the PM's tone is that, ``enough has been done" and it's not a cause that will bring down the crowd. How long this issue will last is another matter.

Massacre at Mirpur

The crowd however is very unhappy with the BCB because what madness made them invite Pakistan to Bangladesh in the month of December and get whacked by them when the country is about to celebrate the 50th overwhelms the mind? It's in fact a bigger concern because a state minister can be sacked but no one can sack the Bangladesh cricket team. It's so pathetic and incapable of even low quality performance that it's worse than a national surrender. It seems its Bangladesh which is seeking Pakistan's apology for beating them in 1971 in this month to be exact by surrendering so abjectly.

It's scary how history refuses to repeat itself. But somehow the terrible feeling is that Murad and the Bangladesh cricket team are very similar as December comes, brothers in defeat and disgrace.

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