Winter came for State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murad Hasan last night when Sheikh Hasina of the House Sheikh sent him her regards.

The premiere ordered him to quit Monday night following a string of controversies involving the recently former state minister ranging from character assasination of Khaleda Zia,(Who is currently wrestling against death ), slutshaming her grand daugher Zyma Rahman (who still has nothing to do with Bangladesh politics) and an apparent rape and kidnapping threat to a Dhallywood actress.

Murad has submitted a resignation letter to the Information Ministry today citing "personal reasons", marking the end of a tenure which was marred by negative press.

So much so, it brings in a few obvious questions.

Why was someone with such a notorious past given the post in the first place and how many 'Murad's is the man leaving behind at the cabinet.

While some thanked the Prime Minister for being vigilant in taking prompt actions,(the bar is apparently low in this country) many criticised the premier's decision of giving Murad a chance to resign rather than sacking him directly.

Murad became a two time member of the parliament, state minister for health and state minister for information, all before he was 45.

With his meteoric rise came the god complex, which was clear on how he conducted himself and ironically, this led to an even quicker downfall.

In his relatively short political career, he had such a sense of power that he felt nothing could touch him.

Let's not forget, the men had the audacity to threaten a popular film actress of kidnapping and rape by using the law enforceing agencies.

Recent controversies

During an interview published on social media on Saturday, State Minister Dr Murad Hasan called Khaleda a lecher and added that her granddaughter Zyma Rahman needs the company of a person of colour every night.

Condemnations have poured social media since then by not only BNP activists, but also the country's women rights groups, feminists, rights activists and academicians.

"We wonder how a public representative as well as cabinet member can make comments like a women-hater and racist person. How could he boast after making such remarks?" Naripokkho said in a statement.

Murad's daily dose of misogyny did not stop there as he later appeared on the same show the following day and slutshamed the feminist activists of the country.

He also dragged Dhaka University into the filthy discussion and implied that the women of DU slept their way up the political ladders.

The final nail in the coffin for Murad was a viral audio clip wherehe calledDhallywood actor Emon, forced him to hand over the phone to his coworker Mahiya Mahi who was beside him at the time and later threatened to rape her.

Emon confirmed the authenticity of the clip last evening, meaning Murad had no where left to hide.

Chattra Dol connection, rise and fall

Murad entered politics as a student in the early 1990s.

On Monday, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir dropped a shocker when he claimed that Murad was a Chattra Dol activist in Mymensingh Medical College.

After a little digging, it has been confirmed that Murad joined Awami League's student organization Chhatra League in 1996 from BNP's student organization Chhatra Dal, quoted Md Ishaq, the then general secretary of MMC Chattra Dol unit saying that Murad started his political life as the publicity secretary of Mymensingh Medical College Chattra Dol.

He said, "Murad Hasan was admitted in the first year of MBBS in 1993 in M-30 batch and became active in the politics of Chhatra Dal. Later he was the publicity secretary of the medical college branch of Chhatra Dal.

"When the Awami League came to power in 1996, Murad switched sides the following year."

However, according to the information provided on the website of the Ministry of Information, Murad Hasan passed MBSC from Mymensingh Medical College in 2001 after passing HSC from Notre Dame College, Dhaka.

In 2011, he received his M.Phil degree from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU).

Murad, who was born in 1974, was elected "executive member" of the Mymensingh Medical College branch of the Bangladesh Chhatra League in 1994, "organizational secretary" in 1996 and "president" in 2000, the website claims.

In 2003, Murad was elected an 'Executive Member' of the Central Committee of the Awami Juba League.

He also served as 'Executive Member' of Jamalpur District Awami League, 'Executive Member' of Sarishabari Upazila Awami League, and 'Health and Population Affairs Secretary' of Jamalpur District Committee.

Murad, son of Jamalpur Awami League leader Matiur Rahman Talukder, was elected Member of Parliament for Jamalpur-4 (Sarishabari, Mesta and Titpalya) on an Awami League ticket in the 2008 Ninth Parliamentary Election.

Then in 2018, he became a Member of Parliament for the second time after winning the same constituency in the controversial eleventh Parliamentary Election.

He took over as the Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare on 7 January 2019.

Later he was removed from the health ministry and was given the role of state minister for Information on May, 2019.

The former state minister first came under hot water when he claimed "Islam is not the state religion, I do believe it. We will soon take measures to remove Islam as a state religion from the constitution of Bangladesh."

Fast forward to December, he baffled the entire nation when he made misogynist and racist remarks on Khaleda and her daughter Zyma.

If these remarks were the beginning of the end, the viral audio calls where he threatened to rape the Dhallywood actress and his comments on the women of DU were enough to write the epitaph of his political carrier.

Murad Hasan, who had a meteoric rise and thought himself as invincible is now on the verge of losing it all.

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