Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) refers to the final products, goods, and services that are used for household consumption or private consumption. FMCGs are sold rapidly at comparatively low prices and not applied in the production system of other goods and services. Usually, FMCGs have a limited shelf life. FMCG business has acquired its position among the fastest growing industries in Bangladesh. This industry has huge potential as a high volume business with a low margin. Read this article, to know about the top FMCG companies in Bangladesh.

Major Classifications of FMCG Industry in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the industry of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is classified into three key categories - Foods and Beverage industry, the Personal Care industry, and Household Care Industries.

Foods and Beverage Industry includes all kinds of food products such as biscuits and bakery, milk and dairy, baby foods, frozen foods, ice cream, tea, tobacco, coffee, soft drinks, health drinks, etc.

Beauty and Personal Care industry include personal care related products such as perfume, cosmetics, hair oil, toiletries products, etc.

Household Care Industry includes the products used for cleaning and decorating homes or offices. This category includes mosquito aerosol, laundry detergent, room sprays, Toilet Cleaner Liquid, Antiseptic Liquids, etc.

Milk and Dairy Industry

'Milk Vita' from Bangladesh Milk Producers' Cooperative Limited, 'Aarong' from BRAC Dairy and Food Project, and 'Pran Milk' from Pran Dairy Ltd are the leading brands holding 80% share of the pasteurized milk market in Bangladesh. The rest 20% share is held by the other brands such as 'Aftab Milk' from Aftab Milk and Milk Products Ltd, 'Farm Fresh Milk' from Akij Food and Beverage Ltd, 'MOO' from American Dairy Limited, 'Dairy Fresh' from Baro Awlia Dairy Milk and Foods Ltd, 'Ayran' from Danish Dairy Farm Ltd, etc.

Biscuit and Bakery Industry

The local brands can fulfill about 90- 95% of the domestic demand for Biscuits in Bangladesh and the rest portion is imported from overseas countries. Occupying about 39% market share, Olympic Industries appears as the dominating player in the branded biscuits market of Bangladesh. The other popular Biscuit and Bakery manufacturing companies include Pran Foods Ltd, Rani Food Industries Ltd, Ifad Multi Products Ltd, Kishwan Snacks Ltd, Haque Food Industries, Danish Foods, Nabisco Bread and Biscuits, Bangas Limited, Al-Amin Bread and Biscuit Industries Ltd, Cocola Food Products Ltd, etc.

Frozen Food Industry

In the segment of processed meat and frozen snacks, Golden Harvest Agro Industries Limited is the pioneer holding 25% of the market. In this line, Lamisa Foods is in the second position with a 15% market share. The other major brands include Brac Chicken, Pran RFL, Kazi farms, CP Bangladesh, Igloo Foods, KFC Bangladesh, Rich Foods, etc.

Ice-Cream Industry

Holding about 36% market share, 'Igloo' from Abdul Monem Limited is the most preferred ice-cream brand by the Bangladeshi consumers. 'Polar' from Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Limited appears as the second market leader occupying a 26% market share. In this channel, the other major brands are 'Golden Harvest Ice Cream' from Golden Harvest Ice Cream Ltd, 'Bellissimo Creations' from Bellissimo BD, and 'Kwality' from Sanowara Group.

Tobacco Industry

In the tobacco industry of Bangladeshi, the dominating players are British American Tobacco (BATBC), Dhaka Tobacco (under Akij Group), Abul Khair Tobacco, and Nasir Tobacco.

Tea Industry

'Ispahani Mirzapore' from M.M Ispahani Limited is the most admired tea brand in Bangladeshi. The other pioneering tea brands of the country are 'Taaza' from Unilever and 'Seylon' from Abul Khair Consumer Goods and 'Finlay' tea from The Consolidated Tea and Lands Company Bangladesh.

Bottled Water

'Mum' from Partex Beverage Ltd is the market leader in the bottled water segment. 'Fresh' from Meghna Group of Industries and 'Pran' from Pran Foods holds a significant share in the Bottled Water industry. Besides these, there are some other popular bottled water brands in Bangladesh such as 'Jibon' from City Group, 'Acme' from The ACME Agrovet and Beverages Ltd, 'Ifad' from Ifad Multi Products Ltd, 'Spa' from Akij Food and Beverage Ltd, 'Muskan' from S.A. Group of Industries, etc.

Health Food Drinks

In the segment of Health Drinks, the market is dominated by 'Horlicks' from GSK Bangladesh (Currently owned by Unilever). Besides this, 'Complan' from Transcom Beverage, 'Maltova' from GSK Bangladesh, 'Tang' from Sajeeb Group, are very popular health drink brands in Bangladesh.

Juice and Carbonated Soft Drinks

Transcom Beverages Ltd (TBL) is the PepsiCo Franchisee for bottling '7up', the most renowned Carbonated Soft drink brand in Bangladesh. TBL also supplies several other popular soft drinks such as Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Mirinda, Slice, 7UP Light, and Pepsi Diet.

'Pran Frooto' is the most popular juice in Bangladesh. It is the flagship beverage of Pran RFL Group. This company also produces some other famous juice and carbonated drinks, like, Fazlee, Pran, Cola, Pran Up, Maxx Cola, Tango, Ody, Bulldozer, Power Drink, Colors Drink, PRAN Apple Fizz, etc.

'Frutika' by Akij Food and Beverage Ltd is another leading juice brand of the country. This company also produces some other well-known soft drinks like Clemon, Mojo, Aafi, Speed, etc.

'Mangolee' is another popular juice made by GSDL (Globe Soft Drinks Limited). Besides this, GSDL and AST Beverage is a franchisee of some well-known soft drinks and energy drinks, including, URO Cola, FizzUp, URO Lemon, Black Horse, Royal Tiger Energy Drinks, etc.

Abul Khair Consumer Goods Division produces Starship Mango Drink, Starship Chocolate Milk, Starship Fruity, Saad Litchi Drink, Shaad Orange Drink, and Marks Chocolate Milk.

'Shezan' juice products from Sajeeb Group and 'Nectar' juice from BD Thai Food and Beverage Limited (BTFBL) are also popular in Bangladesh.

AM Beverage limited or Abdul Monem Ltd. (AML) is the authorized bottler of several popular soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite. International Beverages Private Limited is also associated with the production and distribution of Coca-Cola beverages in Bangladesh.

Partex Beverages produces a bunch of popular soft drinks like RC Cola, RC Lemon, RC Orange, RC Zera Pani, etc.

Food Ingredients and Snacks

In the segment of Atta, Maida, and Suzi related food products, 'Fresh' owned by Meghna Group is the top market player. The other significant brands are 'Teer' by City Group, 'Pusti' by TK Group, 'ACI Pure' by ACI Limited, 'Sajeeb' by Sajeeb Group, 'Ifad' by Ifad Multi Products Ltd, 'Fouzi' by Sena Kalyan Sangstha, etc.

In the Spice category, the most popular brands are Radhuni, Pran, BD Food, and Arku. Square Food and Beverage produces Spice products under the 'Radhuni' brand that holds around 66% of the local market share in Bangladesh. 'Pran' spices produced from Pran Foods Ltd occupies about 19% market share, 'BD Food' spices from BD Foods Ltd holds around 7% market share, 'Arku' spices from Arku Group Ltd holds about 3% market share.

In the Salt industry of Bangladesh, the chief brands are 'ACI Pure Salt' from ACI Limited, 'Molla Super Salt' from Molla Super Salt Industry Ltd, 'Fresh Super Premium Salt' from Meghna Group, and 'Confidence Salt' from Confidence Salt Ltd.

In the sector of Noodles, the most admired brands are 'Maggi' from Nestle Bangladesh, 'Cocola' from Cocola Food Products Ltd, 'Mr. Noodles' from Pran, 'Doodles' from New Zealand Dairy, 'Ifad' from Ifad Multi Products Ltd, 'Sajeeb' from Sajeeb Group, 'Mama' from Presidents Foods, 'Knorr' from Unilever Bangladesh Ltd, and 'Chopstick' from Square Foods.

Beauty and Personal Care Industry

In Bangladesh, the local companies produce toiletries and perfumes related products under affordable price ranges. These local brands mainly target the niche of the low to middle price market. Almost 95% of the total market share is dominated by seven companies. Those are Unilever Bangladesh Ltd., Keya Cosmetics Ltd., Lily Cosmetics Ltd., Marks and Allys Ltd., Aromatic Cosmetics Ltd., Square Toiletries Ltd., and Kohinoor Chemical Company Ltd.

In the segment of Toilet Soap, Unilever Bangladesh Ltd solely owns about 43% of the local market share. The other three key players including Keya Cosmetics Ltd, Lily Cosmetics Ltd, and Kohinoor Chemical Company Ltd hold around 10% of the market share each.

Unilever Bangladesh Ltd is the leading company in the segment of Fairness Cream, Lotion, Shampoo, and Oran Care products.

Household Care Industry

In the Mosquito Aerosol category, 'Xpel' from Square Toiletries is the top brand in Bangladesh. Among the other popular brands, there are 'ACI Mosquito Aerosol Spray' from ACI Limited, 'Hit' from Godrej group, and 'Mortein' by Reckitt Benckiser Ltd.

In the segment of Laundry Detergent, the most popular brands are Wheel, Surf Excel, and Rin. All of these products are owned by Unilever Bangladesh Limited.

In the Liquid Antiseptic sector, 'Savlon' from ACI Limited is the market leader. Then 'Dettol' from Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh Ltd occupies the second place in this category.

In the Plastic goods industry, the dominating players are RFL Plastics Limited, Bengal Plastic, and Partex Plastics Limited.

In the sector of Toilet Cleaner Liquids, the key player is 'Harpic' by Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh. Among the other popular Toilet Cleaner brands, there are 'Clean Master' by Kohinoor Chemical Company, and 'Shakti' by Square Toiletries Ltd.

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