With the world being turned upside down due to the pandemic, many have been forced to work at home and have not gone back to the office for a year now. Depending on the leniency of the area, some companies have been overly guarded with their procedures and have just made working from home the default. With that, many workers are under confinement with limited ways to exercise. Thankfully, the epidemic arrived in the midst of a digital age, which means all is not lost if you just have a phone with you. Are you are looking for an app to give you workout pointers while stuck at home? Here are some of the best fitness apps for Androids and IOS.

Map My Run

It's no surprise that Under Armor has become a mainstay in the fitness community due to its quality products, meaningful collaborations, and extremely aggressive marketing. What is a surprise, however, is how good their Map My Run app is.

If you're all about the running/jogging life, there are few apps out there that can compare to this one. The app tracks your running route and accurately measures the duration of your jogs. If your running is consistent, Map My Run also gives you a breakdown of your performance and even has an online feature that lets others know about your running routes and progression.

This running tracker is one of the few out there that understands the weight of establishing an online community and looks to be one of the best choices for veterans and novices alike. This app is free to download.

Fitness Buddy

What Map My Run does in running, Fitness Buddy does for weightlifting. The app is critical for those who are looking to take their weightlifting routines to the next level. Fitness Buddy is rather contemporary and has recognized the importance of providing regimes that are designed around home-based exercises. The name this app has chosen wouldn't be fully accurate if they didn't factor in diet plans as well.

Fitness Buddy also zeros in on elaborate meal plans and an array of recipes to help fitness enthusiasts keep themselves accountable to every aspect of this lifestyle. Diets like Keto, Paleo, and more are available for your reference. There are over 400 exercises on the app, that include videos, step-by-step photos, and detailed instructions so that even the newest member of the fitness community can get a good sweat in. This app is free to download.

JEFIT Workout Planner

The app's name says it all. JEFIT Workout Planner will be best suited for relatively seasoned fitness buffs who are thrilled to mix up their workout routines ever so often. The software functions more like a digital journal rather than a workout instruction manual. The currently has over 8 million users and also has trackers and programmes available, but serves more as an assistant to your design, rather than the main feature.

If you've taken a shot at personalising your own workouts, but want some inspiration, the app has got your back on this too. Beginner, Advanced, Sports, Equipment-based, Bodyweight and so many more options are available at your fingertips. The best part is that its jack-of-all-trades approach may not be for those who are leaning heavily towards a specific fitness style but is great for anyone confined at home. This app is free to download.

Workout for Women

Women have their own types of workouts that are better suited for them and many apps only provide a general guide that doesn't quite factor body type in. Workout for Women puts its purpose in its name and provides some of the best workouts for ladies who are either tight for time or would gladly commit hours into it.

The interface is cleverly compartmentalised and everything you could want is easily accessible. The app won the award of being Google's best Free Female Exercise app in 2020 and Google's Best Health and Fitness App in 2019. If you're a woman who wants to keep fit, this app is an absolute must to try at the very least. This app is free to download!

30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout At Home

The community giving this app a 4.8 out of 5 stars should show you how wonderfully packed the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app is. While not the most elaborate of programmes, the 30-day challenge does provide coaching tips and training plans that focus on home-based workouts. This app has more than kept up with the times and will do you good.

The interface is extremely easy to use and the exercises suggested are predominantly bodyweight; meaning that you won't be caught off guard halfway through the routine, realising that you need to run out to buy some dumbbells.

If you don't need a workout for your entire body, you could also commit an entire month to their butt and abs challenge. If you're happy with the results, there is an inbuilt online platform that can let your friends know that the home is just another gym for you. This app is free to download.

Nike Training Club

It's nice being included in things, especially when it's the community of one of the world's leading fitness brands. Nike has transcended the status of being just an apparel/equipment brand for fitness but has become a name that holds the highest status in fitness knowledge as well.

The app houses workouts led by professional trainers and explore all forms of workouts, including yoga and HIIT. The lessons can be studio-based, meaning that the instructor on the app will do the actual workout with you, such as one would in a class. This application has everything and is reflective enough to know that there will always be novices who are in need of more guidance for fitness. This application is free to download.

Ezra Gideon, UNB and Dhaka Courier Correspondent in Singapore.

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