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To fix or not to fix at Gelatofix


I didn’t really consider myself a sweet tooth until I had a Taro (kochu) frozen yoghurt at YoBerries a few years back. Sadly, the place shut down leaving me quite bummed out about the whole situation. Ever since, I jump at every opportunity I get to try out new dessert places to find a new addiction.

Gelatofix opened up very recently at Chef’s Table, Gulshan. It’s a Singapore-based Italian gelato coffee chain which usually is attached with PastaMania, an authentic Italian, casual dining restaurant. While I haven’t had the opportunity of trying PastaMania yet because I always end up ordering some sushi or Thai food whenever I am at Chef’s Table, I definitely had to try Gelatofix to see what the hype is all about amongst Instagram food-bloggers.

To start off, I love ice cream and dessert shops where you can taste a flavor before committing to a whole scoop. We did exactly that and finally settled for the Rocky Almond Parfait from the Parfait section and two different ones from the Magic Boxx section: Nutty Brownie Toast and Pistachio Bronte Toast. Visually, I was awed by the beautiful presentation of all 3 items. They were colorful, big on quantity, and looked unlike any dessert items I’ve tried in Bangladesh.  The parfaits are desserts served in layers usually with whipped cream, fruits, and a custard like puree. The Rocky Almond Parfait consisted of 2 scoops of Mascarpone and Piedmonte Hazelnut gelato, marshmallow, almond slices, and creamy sponge cake with whipped cream to top it all off.

Of course, the beautiful layering made me shriek inside like a kid and I could simply not wait to dig in. I made sure I got a spoonful of everything so that I could taste the whole package. Lo and behold, I was quite disappointed just because of the cake. The cake tasted like more of a fudge brownie which without the gelato was quite dry instead of creamy as they claim. The almond slices gave it an extra texture which was quite nice but not enough to win me over. I quickly moved on to the Magic Boxx so that they don’t melt before I got to enjoy the offerings.

I absolutely loved the concept! The buttery sweet toasted loaves were a delight to eat with the gelatos or just the Giandula Chocolate sauce. You will instantly get a premium feeling by just the taste of the whole item. We got the Pistachio, Knam Dark Chocolate, and Mascarpone (quite the hit flavor) out of which the dark chocolate was declared the least favorite at our table. Bits of cookies, nuts, strawberries, and peanut butter sauce had sealed the deal for us. But it was intensely bitter to stomach and we wound up finishing the Nutty Brownie Toast with just the sauce and mascarpone. The Pistaschio Bronte Toast was sweet and salty which goes so well in desserts such as a chocolate chip cookie!

We went for the small Magic Boxx and still felt that it could feed upto 2. Note for future self: avoid the Dark Chocolate, Mascarpone goes well with all their desserts, ask for extra peanut butter sauce, and don’t over-order.

  • To fix or not to fix at Gelatofix
  • Ifreet Taheea
  • Vol 35
  • Issue 46
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