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Journey with R language!

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Back in 2010, when my course teacher told me about a software which can run different sort of analysis ranging from simple correlation analysis to modelling based analysis- I was wondering to see this ‘super’ software! After few years later, when I started working on the field of ecology, I found that was the right time to begin my journey with R! I installed the software and was frustrated after seeing the interface of R software ! What a simple interface with lot of ‘error’ message! That was my first interaction with R!

After 6 years of this incidence, it came to my mind when we were organizing a two-day long training session on the ‘Introduction to Data Analysis with R’. We know how important it is to learn a new skill to cope with the changing world. How much data can help us to extract the deep insights about an issue!

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics which was introduced by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka. Later it was developed at Bell Laboratories (formerly AT&T, now Lucent Technologies) by John Chambers and colleagues. The flexibility to use this software make it world’s one of the popular tools to analyse data. It can be used for standard statistical practices to Bayesian modelling or can use to create GIS map. Considering the diverse use of R software, we organized a two-day long training session on R software!

Dr Suprio Chakma who is working with Wildlife Conservation Society- one of the leading international conservation organizations- in their Bangladesh program as Program Manager, conducted the training session. Dr Suprio began his journey with WildTeam in 2004 and spent more than one decade with WildTeam.

The training program began with the welcome speech from the renowned ecological statistician Professor Dr Kyle Tomlinson from Chinese Academy of Sciences. The program was concluded with the remarks from the Chairman of WildTeam, Enam Ul Haque. General Secretary of WildTeam Dr Md. Anwarul Islam provided his speech to thank all the participants in turning the training session alive and engaging.

However, this one is the beginning from our branding tagline ‘WildLearning’ under the platform of Noazesh Knowledge Centre (NKC). NKC is a WildTeam initiative which works to inspire and support people to cultivate awareness, knowledge, and expertise that would allow them to successfully engage in conservation-focused research, and careers. Named in memory of the late Dr. Noazesh Ahmed (1935-2009), an inspiring plant genetic scientist and freelance photo artist, NKC was established in March 2011 with support from the Zoological Society of London. Currently NKC is offering seminar and professional development training for its members and early career professionals.

Animesh Ghose, Programme Officer WildTeam & MS Student University of Quebec AT (UQAT), Canada

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