To prevent the contagion of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the mass people are advised for staying at home and maintaining social distance. However, young kids can hardly understand the gravity of this situation. As the school is closed, the enthusiastic young souls are eager to go outside to play with other kids. Many parents are struggling to confine their kids within four walls for quarantine. Teaching kids about social distancing has become a nightmare. Here you will find some effective ways about how to Keep Your Children Occupied during Coronavirus Quarantine.

Ways to Keep Your Children Occupied during Coronavirus Quarantine

Make Schedule

While the school is open, the life of a kid circulates around a tight schedule for waking up earning in the morning, having breakfast, getting dressed up for school, doing the homework after school, playing with friends in the afternoon and going to bed, etc. You can generate a week-long schedule for your kid replicating its school-week timetables along with some additions and deductions. Plan a timetable for the whole day ranging from waking up to bed-time. Keep time for eating, learning, playing, etc. Map the schedule keeping in mind your kid's personal behavioral traits. Help the kid to cope up with that new life-routine.

Encourage Home Education: Workbooks

To keep your kid in touch with school education, it is necessary to continue homeschooling during the quarantine. You can intelligently make out a plan on how to get the best out of the quarantine for academic purposes. You can engage your kid in solving math problems. You can also give it a language workbook. Try to emphasize the areas where your child needs help. You can also let the kid study following its own interest. If you can give your kid some incentives for reaching its study goals, it will feel more enthusiasm in learning. Keeping the child busy in reading will keep it motivated when the schools will reopen after a few days.

Engage in Household Chores

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children starting from three-year-old gain benefits if parents include some manageable chores in their timetable. You might have noticed sometimes that your kid feels entertained while doing chores with you. You can ask your kid to help you with household chores. It will both keep the kid occupied and help it to grow up as a responsible person. However, considering the age level of your kids you can select chores like organizing their own wardrobe, sorting out their own dirty laundry, cleaning their own bed, bringing things you need from another room, breaking the shell of a hardboiled egg, etc.

Workout Together!

Kids tend to get pleasure from running, jumping, and moving organs almost for no reason. But the imposed social distancing during coronavirus home quarantine can make them feel bored. Why don't you encourage your kid in practicing some easy workouts? It would be more enjoyable if you engage your kids in your daily morning workout session. It will not only make the kid utilize its energy, but also help it in calming the mind and staying away from boredom. You can devise some kid-friendly workout ideas, like deep breathing, meditation, simple Yoga techniques, mindfulness, etc.

Spend Quality Time

It is said that every negative thing comes with a bit of positivity. In the hectic days, you may barely manage time to sit and listen to your kids. Now you can utilize the home quarantine period in strengthening the bonding with your kids. Try to spend some quality time with your kids. Do whatever the kid gets fun of. You can allow the kid to choose its favorite food, then start baking together. Thus the mind of your kid will get occupied in learning a new thing, which can make it feel like a winner. Besides working together, you can cuddle together while reading a children's book or watching a children's movie. You can also sing and/or dance with your kid or arrange an in-house picnic with your family members. These small attempts will make the kids forget about stepping out from home until the quarantine phase ends.

Read a Book

It is not necessary to spend all the quarantine hours reading academic books. The advancement of technology occupies their leisure time watching TV and video games instead of reading. Kids of this generation rarely find time to read extracurricular books like rhymes, or fairy tales. As the quarantine period gives you the opportunity to spend a lot of extra time with your kid, indulge them in reading a book outside their curriculum. It can get your kid to develop a reading habit in a natural way. Furthermore, reading supplementary books can enrich their vocabulary, build language skills, and flourish their creativity.

Engage Them in Creative Tasks

The holiday of a kid is meant to play with friends. The home quarantine can be relaxing for adults, but it sounds like a punishment for young kids. To save your kid from feeling monotony you can engage it with some productive and motivating tasks. You can encourage your kid to build a structure with logos utilizing its own imagination and creativity. You can also employ the kid in solving puzzles, which will not only sharpen its problem-solving skills but also improve its memory. What is more? You can arrange some art supplies, and introduce your kid to the magic of portraying an imaginary world with paints, colored pencils, markers, or crayons. To please the craving mind of your kid you can also give it a science kit. Doing fun with scientific experiments your kid may discover its own passion; who knows!

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