Headteacher of Daul Barbakpur High School in Naogaon's Mahadebpur filed a general diary on Sunday accusing 150 anonymous people for spreading rumors about a teacher beat up students for wearing hijab in school and vandalising school property.

Dharani Kanta, headteacher of the school, filed the GD at Mahadebpur police station three days after the incident of vandalism on the school property triggered by a rumor, said Ajam Uddin Mahmud, officer-in-Charge of Mahadebpur police station.

"On April 7, the school was attacked after spreading rumors about a trivial incident in the school. Many people from the villages around the school attacked and vandalized chairs and tables of the school," the head teacher wrote in his GD.

Additional troops of police have been deployed and Daul Barbakpur area is under surveillance since the incident to ensure no one creates further disorder, said OC Ajam Uddin.

Earlier on April 6, Amodini Pal, assistant headmistress of the school allegedly beat 16-18 students in the 8th, 9th and 10th classes of the school around 11am for not wearing school uniforms.

Later, it turned into a "hijab" row and spread on social media.

On Saturday, a show-cause notice was served to the accused teacher for beating up female students for not wearing uniform to school by the school authority ordered by the Upazila Secondary Education Officer.

A three-member investigation committee was also formed to probe the incident by the upazila administration.

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