Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday said no pressures will work on her as she defied many pressures in the past.

"There is no pressure, which can be exerted on Sheikh Hasina. Keep it in mind," she said in reply to a question if she feels any international pressure regarding the next general election.

The PM was addressing a press conference at her official residence Ganabhaban this afternoon on the outcome of her recent official visit to Qatar where she attended the 5th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC5) from March 4-8.

She said the source of her strength is only her people. Nothing will happen, no matter who exerts what pressure. "We will do whatever is required for the welfare of the people," she added.

In this context, she said her government had constructed the Padma Bridge with its own finances, confronting all the hurdles and ignoring many pressures.

The PM said she had received numerous phone calls from ambassadors to foreign ministers of different countries to keep a person as the managing director (MD) of a bank.

In reply to another question, the PM ruled out the possibility of holding talks with the BNP ahead of the next generation election.

"With whom will we hold dialogue? We held dialogue (with them) before the 2018 election. What was its result? They did nothing except make the election questionable," she said.

Hasina, also the President of ruling Awami League, said they (BNP) had given its nominations to 700 aspirants in 300 parliamentary constituencies in the 2018 national election. They withdrew their candidates in exchange of money and made the election questionable, she said.

Referring to another incident, the PM said she went to Khaleda Zia's residence to console her after her youngest son Koko died, but her (Hasina's) access to the house was denied.

"What meeting with them after such a humiliation? It is a clear word. What is the point to sit in dialogue with those who don't know minimum courtesy?" she said.

The Prime Minister said attempts are being made to create an unstable situation in the country, but the conspirators won't succeed without creating a problem for the time being.

"Attempts are being made to create an unstable environment. But I believe that anyone can do nothing. They may create some problems for some time. But our people will resist it,"

PM Hasina returned home on Thursday afternoon after wrapping up her official visit to Qatar.

During her stay in Qatar, she attended the LDC5 conference, several side-line events and a civic reception.

The Prime Minister said many quarters are ready to make the election questionable.

She mentioned that her government has made the election commission completely independent "financially and institutionally" and enacted a law to this end as the commission can hold a free and fair election.

Besides, a voter list with photographs and transparent ballot boxes have been introduced as none can manipulate the election, she said.

She said they have appointed a politically conscious, patriot and dutiful person as the country's next president under whom the next election will be fair.

"We want the next election to be free and fair as we have struggled for democracy," she said.

She reiterated that if the people want to see the Awami League in power again then they will remain in power, otherwise not.

Focusing on her government measures that made Bangladesh a role model for development in the world stage in the last 14 years, she said the AL gained public confidence by working for the people.

She said the people of Bogura, once a stronghold of BNP, are saying that they are in good condition during the current tenure of the AL government and the government should stay in power.

According to information given during the PM's address, Bangladesh's annual GDP has grown by a factor of ten since 2006, going from Tk 61,000 crore to Tk 6,78,064 crore.

During the same period, the per capita income in Bangladesh has also increased fivefold to $2,824.

Steps to ensure commodity supply during Ramadan: PM

Sheikh Hasina said her government has taken appropriate measures so the people do not suffer because of food crisis during the month of Ramadan.

"The Ramadan is ahead. We have no scarcity of rice. We have 21 lakh tons of food in stock.... InshaAllah, Bangladesh will not fall into any danger if all cooperate," she said.

Focusing on the existing food support programmes, she said a number of essential commodities will be provided to the poor people at the subsidised prices.

At this time, the premier asked the people not to purchase excessive commodities at a time while she urged people to exercise austerity in the use of energy, furnace oil, edible oil and water.

She reiterated her call to bring every inch of land under cultivation though the global economic recession and food crisis have not hit Bangladesh.

In reply to another question regarding her nephew Radwan Mujib Siddiq (Boby), Sheikh Hasina said her family members are working for the countrymen and they have no ambition.

During her visit to Qatar, Boby on behalf of Sheikh Hasina paid tribute to Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman marking the historic 7th March speech.

The PM said, "He (Boby) did not give it (placed floral wreath) with any political mission."

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