Four teams will advance to the knockout phase

As the Super 12s is about to finish on November 6, the big teams started to find their form in the final stages of this round in their quest for a semifinal berth. It seems three teams are currently fighting for a place in the semifinals from Group 1, while the scenarios in Group 2 are a bit complicated. Let's take a look at the semifinal qualification scenarios for the T20 World Cup 2022.

Semifinal qualification scenarios for the T20 World Cup 2022

As it stands in the points tables of both groups, the semi-final lineup will likely be from the teams that started their campaign as favorites in the Twenty20 World Cup 2022. Australia, New Zealand, and England are the favorites from Group 1 to advance to the knockout phase. On the other hand, India and South Africa are in a strong position in Group 2. Here are the current scenarios for both groups' points tables.

Group 1

New Zealand are in a strong position in the points standings to finish top of Group 1. They have five points with better run rates than England and Australia. The Kiwi side will face Ireland in their final group stage fixture and will advance to the next round if they simply beat them.

England and Australia will likely battle it out for the second spot in this group. Both have 5 points each, but England ahead of Australia thanks to better run rates. England will take on Sri Lanka in their final group phase fixtures, while Australia will face Afghanistan.

In a realistic point of view, Sri Lanka have a better chance to beat England than Afghanistan have to overcome Australia. The reigning champions, Australia, will be hoping for Sri Lanka to defeat England in their final fixture so that they can advance to the next phase by beating Afghanistan.

On the other hand, England will qualify for the next phase if they beat Sri Lanka. The Lankan side is in fourth place with 4 points, and they have a chance if they beat England. But at the same time, Australia have to lose their fixture against Afghanistan in order for Sri Lanka to advance to the next phase.

Besides, Ireland and Afghanistan have no chance to move on to the semifinals as they are in the fifth and sixth positions, respectively, with 3 and 2 points each.

Group 2

India are currently at the top of the points table with 6 points after four games, and they will advance to the semifinal phase should they win against Zimbabwe in their final fixture of the Super 12 Round.

South Africa are in the second position with 5 points and will have two matches left against Pakistan and the Netherlands, respectively. The Proteas side is the hot favourite to finish in the top two in the standings as they have a strong run rate.

Bangladesh are in third position with 4 points and can have 6 points if they beat Pakistan in their final fixture on November 6. On the other hand, Pakistan can earn as many as 6 points if they win their final two fixtures against South Africa and Bangladesh, respectively.

Both Bangladesh and Pakistan have an outside chance to finish in the top two of the points table, but that completely depends on the outcomes of India and South Africa's fixtures. Besides, Zimbabwe and the Netherlands are currently in the fourth and sixth positions, respectively. These two teams have no chance of making it to the knockout stage.

Bottom Line

Australia, England, New Zealand, India, and South Africa are expected to advance to the next round based on the current point standings scenarios for a semifinal spot from both groups. These teams deserve to go to the knockout round, as they are considered hot favourites to win the T20 World Cup 2022.

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