Following the course of development, people leave the villages for better education and employment opportunities. But still, the city dwellers miss village life from the core of their hearts. If you are looking for a village-like tranquil place for being nostalgic about the golden days of your childhood and spending some quality hours with your family, consider the Zinda Park resort near Dhaka. This place is also recognized as Oikotan Eco Resort. Read this article to know how to reach Zinda Park and what to see in this place.

History of Zinda Park Resort

Zinda park proposition is an innovative attempt taken by the founder Tobarok Hossain Kusom, and his four school-friends who dreamt to develop their village as an idol for the other villages to follow. With the aim to the provision of modern facilities and improve the lives of the villagers, those five legends formed an association called 'Augnibina Students Forum,' which is currently known as, 'Orgopathik Palli Samity'. The association started its journey with a small deposit. Afterward, they built the park and the associated infrastructure slowly over the years with help of the local people and villagers.

What to See in Zinda Park?

Zinda Park is one of the best resorts near Dhaka. This eco-resort is located under the Daudpur union at Rupganj Upazila of Narayanganj district. It is an amazing place for a picnic or family day out. Spreading through a vast area of 150 acres, Zinda Park eco-resort is enriched with 10 thousand trees of different species.

The park features about five reservoirs, tree houses, cottages, a restaurant, a mosque, a market, a library, a school, a canteen, and a mini zoo. The lakes have four well-equipped boats to serve the tourists. In this Eco Park, several benches are provided sporadically to sit and relax. The natural greenery and architectural aesthetics of Zinda Park mesmerize the visitors.

The Infrastructure of Zinda Park

Following the dream of making an idol village, diverse essential infrastructures have been constructed in the Zinda Park Eco Park. These infrastructures and facilities are efficiently run and managed by the locals. Interestingly, this project survives by generating its own income. Zinda Park's proposition has not only improved the life of the local people and villagers; but also created various employment opportunities for them.

Education Institutes

Zinda Park has a nice school called 'Little Angels' where local pupils study from grade one to ten. Architect Sayedul Hasan Rana has wonderfully designed the classrooms allowing the free flow of ample air and sunlight. Proper ventilation has minimized power consumption. The brick façade is eco-friendly and aesthetically beautiful. This eco-park owns a library on 0.33-acre land offering free access to the local students. This is a serene place to sit and read peacefully. Here the construction work of a college is going on.

Community Clinic

Zinda Park authority has provided land and necessary infrastructure for a community clinic. Thanks to the Government of Bangladesh for assigning community health workers to this clinic for providing free medical facilities to the local people and villagers.

Rental Cottages

The mud and straw built cottages of Zinda Park represent rural Bangladesh. You can rent those cottages for a day, to experience the rustic life in an authentic way. It is a great way to introduce the beauty of the village to your kids who are born and raised in an urban atmosphere. The cottage-rents range from BDT 3,000 to 5,000 per day. You don't need to worry about food arrangements.

Food Restaurant

Zinda Park eco-resort hosts a restaurant for the visitors. Here you can find delicious food servings starting from breakfast to dinner. You can choose from a variety of local food menus such as rice, pulses, vegetables, chicken curry, beef, etc. The cost of dinner/launch for one individual may range up to BDT 280. If somebody carries food from home or outside, s/he has to pay a small fee of BDT 30. The villagers operate this place proficiently.

Mosque, Eidgah, and Graveyard

Zinda Park eco-resort has a mosque and an Eidgah that can accommodate up to 400 devotees at a time here. These places feature magnificent architecture built with rare terracotta collected from different parts of the country. There is a graveyard near the mosque. Here the workers and contributors of Zinda Park along with their family members are buried.

Cultural Celebrations

Zinda Park Eco-park has a memorial in remembrance of the freedom fighters in the independence war of Bangladesh in 1971. Zinda Park has an open space to celebrate different occasions, including Pahela Baishakh. Every year, a village fair is arranged on this occasion and the local entrepreneurs set their stalls of different products. What is more? The Zinda Park committee arranges a nice setting for Bangla folk songs under a banyan tree that represents our Bengali culture.

Parking Facility

Zindapark community village has a parking arrangement. So, you can commute to this place by personal car or motorbike, and utilize the authorized parking facility.


Zindapark eco resort has its own security system. You can choose this place to revive your mind in a tranquil rustic environment away from the humdrum of urban life. This park is completely safe for family and kids. However, if you want to enjoy a picnic in the Zindapark resort, it is recommended to inform the authority at least three days in advance.

How to Reach Zinda Park?

Situated at Rupganj Upazila in Narayanganj, Zinda Park community village is only 37 kilometers away from Dhaka. The easiest way to reach Zinda Park from Dhaka is the Purbachal Highway - the 300 feet road at Kuril World Road. You can go to Zinda Park by bus. This route passes through Kachpur Bridge via Bhulta-Gausia.

First, get to Kuril World Road from part of Dhaka city. Here you will find a BRTC bus to reach Kanchan Bridge adjacent to the Kuril rail line. The Zinda Park eco-resort is located only 5 kilometers away from the Dhaka-City-bypass road before Kanchan Bridge. From the corner area of the bypass zone, you can hire local transport to arrive at Zinda Park. The fare would be around BDT 25 to 30. However, you have to pay more for reserved transport. You can also reach Zinda Park on your own transport.

Another route to Zinda Park runs through Tongi Mirer Bazar via by-pass road. Starting the journey from Dhaka via the bypass road, Zinda Park is accessible through Tongi Mir Market. Zinda Park is only 28 kilometers distant from Tongi. Zinda Park Eco Resort is open each day of the week. Here the entry fee is only 100 taka.

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