Snow White and the Huntsman is a film about the German fairy tale Snow White, by Brothers Grimm. Snow White and the Huntsman was directed well by Rupert Sanders. This is the first film that Rupert Sanders directed. The film received two Oscar nominations. At the 85th Academy Awards, the film was nominated for Best Visual Effects and Best Costume Design.

The movie stars Kristen Stewart, Raffey Cassidy, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Noah Huntley, and Liberty Ross. Kristen Stewart acted as Snow White in the film. Raffey Cassidy acted as young Snow White. Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron acted as Queen Ravenna, an evil queen. Chris Hemsworth acted as Eric, the Huntsman. Eric is a widower and a drunkard. Noah Huntley acted as Snow White's father, King Magnus. Liberty Ross acted as Snow White's mother, Queen Eleanor. The movie also stars Sam Claflin and Xavier Atkins. Sam Claflin acted as William. Xavier Atkins acted as young William. Vincent Regan acted as Duke Hammond. Duke Hammond is William's father. Sam Spruell acted as Finn. Finn is Ravenna's brother. Chris Obi did the voice of the Magic Mirror. Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Johnny Harris, and Brian Gleeson acted as the eight dwarfs.

During winter, while snow falls, Queen Eleanor of Tabor sees a red rose. Queen Eleanor reaches for the rose and pricks her finger. Then three drops of blood fall on snow. Then Queen Eleanor thinks to herself that she wants a child as white as snow. She wants a child with lips as red as blood. She wants a child with hair as black as raven's wings. Soon Queen Eleanor gives birth to a daughter. The princess is named Snow White. Snow White was admired throughout the kingdom. Years later Queen Eleanor dies. Then Snow White's father, King Magnus defeats an army. King Magnus then sees a prisoner Ravenna. King Magnus becomes enchanted by Ravenna's beauty. The next day King Magnus marries Ravenna. That night Ravenna tells King Magnus something. Ravenna tells King Magnus she was once destroyed by a king like him. Ravenna is a powerful sorceress. Ravenna kills King Magnus and takes his throne. Tabor and the people of Tabor become destroyed by Queen Ravenna's reign. Queen Ravenna asks her Magic Mirror a question. Then the Magic Mirror responds. The Magic Mirror says Queen Ravenna is the fairest of them all. Then Snow White is locked in a tower for years. This gets done under Ravenna's order. Later Ravenna asks her Magic Mirror a question. The Magic Mirror this time says a different answer. The Magic Mirror says Snow White is the fairest. The Magic Mirror says Ravenna will be destroyed by Snow White. Later Ravenna sends her brother Finn to bring Snow White. Snow White escapes to the forest. Then Ravenna asks Eric the Huntsman to bring Snow White. Later the Huntsman helps Snow White to escape. Later William finds out that Snow White is living. William then goes to find Snow White. William, Finn and Finn's men go to find Snow White. Snow White next stops a troll from attacking the Huntsman. Then Snow White and the Huntsman go to a village. This village is occupied by scarred women and scarred girls. Then the Huntsman finds out who Snow White truly is. The Huntsman leaves Snow White with the village people. Then Huntsman comes back after the village becomes burned by Finn's men. Snow White and the Huntsman escape and find eight dwarfs. The Huntsman, Snow White, and the dwarfs go through a fairy sanctuary. Next a battle happens. Finn and his men are killed. Also a dwarf is killed. William goes with the Huntsman, Snow White, and the remaining dwarfs to Hammond's castle. Next Ravenna disguises herself as William and gives Snow White a poisoned apple. Snow White next eats the apple. Then Ravenna leaves. William next kisses Snow White. Next a tear comes out of Snow White's eye. Next Snow White's body is moved to Hammond's castle. The Huntsman tells Snow White he regrets not saving her. The Huntsman kisses Snow White. Snow White next awakens. Snow White and the Duke's army go to conquer Ravenna. Then the dwarfs enter the castle. The dwarfs open the gates and let the army inside. Next Snow White and Ravenna fight. Ravenna almost kills Snow White but Snow White stabs Ravenna. Ravenna finally dies. In the end Snow White is crowned as the queen of Tabor.

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