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Muktobak presents ‘Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi’


‘Muktobak’, a famed recitation troupe of the city, came up with its signature production ‘Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi’ for the 3rd time on October 31 at Shawkat Osman Memorial Auditorium of Sufia Kamal National Public Library, Shahbagh in the city. The production was based on a book, written by Shaheed Janani Jahanara Imam, during the precarious days of the Liberation War. The production, compiled and directed by Iqbal Khorshed, featured several patriotic poems and songs.

At the programme, artistes of ‘Muktobak’ through their voice depicted the tempestuous situations, described by Jahanara Imam, during the Liberation War. The book ‘Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi’, written by Jahanara Imam, aims at projecting the situation in Dhaka from March 1 to December 17 in 1971 in front of the juvenile readers.

Jahanara Imam is the mother of the martyred freedom fighter Shafi Imam Rumi. After several successful guerrilla operations during the Liberation War, Rumi was detained by Pakistani forces on August 29 in 1971 and brutally killed later on. After the Liberation War, the title ‘Shaheed Janani (Mother of Martyr)’ was conferred to Jahanara Imam.

At the programme, elocutionists were- Ashraf Ali Sarkar Likhon, Rubina Shanaz, Rahmat Ara Begum Lipi, Raihan Haider Ranjan, Aditi Amritaraj, Eram Mahfuza, Syeda Tasneem Ara, Sadia Afrin, Zannatul Ferdous Roza, Alamgir Hossain Uzzal and Omia Omanita. Music was directed by Aditi Amritaraj and Mrittunjoy Kumar Das was on flute. Amlan Biswas was in charge of lightings.

‘Muktobak’ first brought out the recitation programme ‘Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi’ on stage in 1998. Later on, the second production was done on December 24 in 2010.

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  • Muktobak presents ‘Biday De Ma Ghure Ashi’

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